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Jupiter-in-Virgo stocks (List given on Aug 1, 2016)

I gave a list of ten stocks in June 2015 for the transition of Jupiter in the sign of Leo.
As a continuation of the tradition I produce a list of 10 stocks for the transition of Jupiter in the sign of Virgo, which extends from August 2016 to August 2017. These stocks have been selected on the basis of strength of Jupiter in the main chart (D1), Navamsha (D9) and Ekadasamsha (D11) charts of the stock. While selecting the list I have also kept the valuation and fundamentals of stocks in mind. The readers are advised to use their own discretion und understanding of the stocks and stock markets before investing in any one of these stocks, as this list is not any kind of recommendation.

Thus my ten stocks for Jupiter in Virgo are:

American Airlines (AAL), Jupiter is strong and well placed in D1 and D11. I am therefore confidant that this company should make good amount of money. However, the success of the stock depends upon the movement of entire airline industry.
Extra Space Storage Inc. (EXR), Since Reality Income (O) is overpriced now, I have chosen this stock to replace it. The major period of Jupiter, which is strong in D9 and D11, should produce good results in this period.
Minerva Neuroscience (NERV), This is relatively a new biotech stock. The strength of the overall astro-chart prompted me to include this stock in this list.
Paypal Holdings (PYPL), This stock just started the major period of Jupiter, and Jupiter is strong in D1 and D9. I therefore expect it to do good in this period.

Square (SQ), The major period is of Rahu, which will be transited by Jupiter in the astro-chart of the stock.
JP Energy Partners (JPEP), This is an Energy MLP. Its chart has strong Jupiter in D1 and D9.
Mallinckrodt plc (MNK), I
t has very strong Jupiter and Mercury, and sub-period of Jupiter has just started. I believe 2016 would bring a turnaround.
Fire-eye Inc. (FEYE), 
Jupiter is transiting over the major-period planet Mercury.
Fitbit (FIT),  
 The major period is of strong Jupiter, who is also very strong in D11. This stock also has excellent D9.
Anika Therapeutics (ANIK), 
This is a story of Jupiter return. It has a strong Jupiter-Moon and Jupiter-Venus yogas in the astro-chart.
As usual, please note that I do not recommend anybody to buy any of these stocks based on my Astrological ideas. Viewers should do their own research and diligence.

Good Stocks for 2016 (List given on Nov. 25, 2015)

I gave a list of ten stocks for 2015 on Nov 29, 2014. This list was based on the strength of operating period planets in the astro-charts. But the results have been mixed. Of the ten stocks, one stock, Trip Advisor did well. Three stocks, Gilead, Celgene and GNC holdings produced slightly positive results. Two stocks BRKB and BIDU broke even. The remaining stocks, MU, VIPS, RICE and STX produced negative results. Considering the dividends received, this list produced a little less than SP500 has. No doubts the market was very harsh on many stocks, and most of the mutual funds and hedge funds fared even worse, yet these kinds of results based on Astrology need an improvement.

As a continuation of the tradition I produce a list of 10 stocks for 2016 after modifying my criterion of the selection of the stocks. Until now I have looked at the strength of the planets in the astro-charts only. But I now realize that it is essential to look at the derivative charts also, especially Navamsha (D9) and Ekadasamsha. (D11). D9 indicates how a company considers and treats its partners i.e., shareholders. D11 indicates how easily a company can increase its earnings. I am adopting this method after testing it thoroughly with old stocks which have performed significantly better than other stocks. While selecting the list I have also kept the valuation and fundamentals of stocks in mind. Since I believe 2016 is going to be a flat to slightly negative year, my selection includes more conservative stocks than aggressive stocks. The readers are advised to use their own discretion and understanding of the stocks and stock markets before investing in any one of these stocks, as this list is not any kind of recommendation.

Thus my ten stocks for 2016 are:

Gilead Sciences (GILD), This is the only stock from my last year’s list. The major period of Moon and its strength in astro-chart and D9 indicates good 2016.

Canadian Solar Inc (CSIQ), On the basis of Astrology, this stock has a good chance of a significant move upward in 2016. But it all depends on when the solar sector begins to get the attention of the market.

Altria group (MO), This is an evergreen stock. This has the best D11 of all the stocks in my data. This is therefore my long-term stock like FB , AAPL and Visa (V).

Alphabet Inc (GOOG), The major period is of Mars. The sub-periods, which would run in 2016 and 2017, are of Venus, Sun and Moon. They are all exalted in D9. This company may do anything in their power to make its investors happy.

PayPal (PYPL), Paypal is a spin off from EBAY. It IPO’d in July 2015, and major period of Jupiter started in October 2015. Jupiter is strong in the astro-chart and its D9 chart, although weak in D11 chart. This therefore is purely a growth story for 2016 and 2017.

Reality Income (O), This is another of my buy and hold type of stock on the basis of D9 and D11. Its D11 is second only to MO. It is therefore a consistent money generating machine.

BOFI Holdings (BOFI), Like CSIQ it has very strong astrological features but the stock has been hit hard lately. I believe 2016 would bring a turnaround.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN), The running period is of Jupiter/Venus. Both planets are strong in the astro-chart and its D9 chart.

Nike Inc (NKE) This is another consistent money maker. Like MO and O, this stock also has excellent D11.

Ulta Salon & Cosmetics (ULTA), The major period of Venus would start in July 2016. Its strength in all astro-charts makes me believe that this stock should do good in whole of 2016 and beyond.

Stocks for transit Jupiter in Leo

Last June (6/19/2014), I gave a list of eight stocks for Jupiter transiting in Cancer. Out of this list one stock SDRL fared very badly, VMW and MPEL went down slightly, PCLN did not move much while JD, GS, CTSH and SPR did quite well. Overall this list still managed to beat the S&P 500. I will post heir exact performance on June 14, 2015 when Jupiter will exit cancer and enter the sign Leo. I am now going to present another list of stocks for the transit of Jupiter in Leo. The logic for selecting these stocks is as follows.

1. While in Leo Jupiter will aspect Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius. The stocks I have chosen all have their favorable points in these signs so that Jupiter will aspect them sometimes during the year (July 01, 2015 to June 30, 2016).
2. In addition Jupiter will also aspect the favorable planets of the natal charts of theses stocks.
3. These stocks either have favorable Vimshottri dashas or transit Jupiter aspects the mahadasha planet.

Thus my ten stocks for Jupiter in Leo are: Celgene Corp. (CELG), Gilead Sciences (GILD), Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ), Canadian Solar (CSIQ), Impact Mortgage (IMH), Facebook (FB), Reality Income (O), Blackstone (BX), Mobileye (MBLY) and Tableau Software (DATA).

Good Stocks for 2015 (List given on Nov. 29, 2014)

I gave a list of ten stocks for 2014 on Nov 29, 2013. This list was based solely on the strength of transiting Saturn. I selected those stocks, which have strong Saturn in the astro-charts of the stocks. Here is how they performed during the period November 29, 2013 to November 28,2014.

Stock Symbol
Price on 11/29/2013
Price on 11/24/2014
Dividend Earned
Gain or Loss
MU 21.20 34.50 0% 62.7%
KKR 23.90 22.90 7.9% 4.7%
RRC 76.40 65.65 0.2% -3.5%
CSIQ 29.00 28.05 0% -4.5%
NSM 38.80 29.90 1.6% -21.3%
LEN 35.18 47.30 0.3% 34.5%
F 16.50 15.40 3.2% -3.5%
YHOO 36.75 51.02 0% 38.8%
MA 75.60 84.7.44 0.5% 12.5%
STX 49.80 64.94 4% 34.0%


An average of 15.5% is not any better than the S&P average of 15.2% for the similar period. So my selection of stocks for 2014 was not as good as the selection for last year. Looking at the fact that only 9% of the fund mangers are beating the averages this year, it is not a bad performance. But that is not the excuse. I am now going to offer a similar list of 10 stocks for 2015 with a hope to do a much better job. The basis of the selection is simply the strength of astro-charts with periods (dasha system) of strong planets. I am going to stay with MU and STX. I would replace other eight stocks with GILD, CELG, TRIP, GNC, VIPS, BIDU, RICE and BRK/B. Most of these stocks are my 5* stocks. I am also going to give a little explanation as to why I included these stocks in the list.

Thus my ten stocks for 2015 are:

Gilead Sciences (GILD), GILD has just started major-period of Rahu. Rahu is in the first house, aspected closely by its dispositor Jupiter from ninth house.
Micron Technology (MU), An excellent period of Mercury/Jupiter is coming in 2016. I therefore want to continue with this stock all the way through 2015.
Celgene Corpn (CELG), Running period of Saturn/Jupiter is good. The next period of Mercury/Mercury would even be better. This is also therefore my long-term stock pick.
Vipshop Holdings (VIPS), Running period is of Rahu/Rahu. Rahu is aspected by Yogi Mars. I would hold this stock for the entire year of 2015.
Baidu Inc (BIDU), The sub-period of Mercury should continue to be good as it is with strong Moon in the fifth house.
Trip Advisor (TRIP), This is my possible turnaround story. A good period of Saturn/Jupiter is starting in the middle of the year.
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/B), I included this stock to provide stability to the portfolio. This pseudo-mutual fund contains a lot of railroads, financial and consumer stocks.
GNC Holdings (GNC), This is another turnaround story. A good period of Moon/Venus has already started which would continue all through 2015.
Rice Energy (RICE),  Here is my choice of beleaguered energy sector. The astro-chart is very strong. The period of Saturn/Saturn beginning in February 2015 hopefully would translate into a strong performance.
Seagate Techn (STX), I am holding this stock for the last 2 years, and plan to hold this for a few more years.


 Stocks for exalted Jupiter in Transit

I have picked stocks for 2013 and 2014 based on the transition of Saturn in Libra, its sign of exaltation. The thesis was that if a planet is strong in transit, and if we pick stocks, which have same planet strong in the natal chart and are undergoing sub-period (bhukti) of the same planet, the stock would produce strong results. We have seen strong results in the performance of 2013 stocks, while 2014 is still going on. Now Jupiter is about to transit in its sign of exaltation, Cancer. It would stay in Cancer during the period June 19, 2014 to July 14, 2015. I have gone through my database of about 500 stocks to select a few stocks, which meet all of the above criteria. Here is the list: (JD): Period of Jupiter/Jupiter runs 5/22/2014 – 9/23/2015. Jupiter is Yogi planet and is its own star, Punarvasu; therefore very strong in the natal chart. In addition, Jupiter aspects Moon and Saturn.

VMWare (VMW): Period of Venus/Jupiter runs 5/03/2013 – 2/02/2016. Jupiter is Duplicate yogi and aspects Mars, Sun and Mercury (Yogi planet).

SeaDrill (SDRL): Period of Saturn/Jupiter runs 11/15/2013 – 5/29/2016. Jupiter is Yogi planet, and aspects Mars in the natal chart.

Priceline (PCLN): Period of Mars/Jupiter runs 1/27/2015 – 1/03/2016. Jupiter is in its own sign Pisces and in the star of the Yogi planet, Mercury; therefore very strong and favorable in the natal chart.

Goldman Sachs (GS): Period of Venus/Jupiter runs 5/21/2014 – 9/10/2017. Jupiter is in the same sign and star as in PCLN.

Cognizant Technology (CTSH): Period of Venus/Jupiter runs 1/10/2015 – 1/19/2017. Jupiter is in the same sign and star as in PCLN.

Melco Crown Entertainment (MPEL): Period of Mercury/Jupiter runs 7/31/2012 – 11/06/2014. Jupiter is Yogi planet, and conjuncts Moon and Mars in the natal chart.

Spirit Aerosystems (SPR): Period of Jupiter/Jupiter runs 2/03/2013 – 3/24/2015. Jupiter is in the Ascendant, and conjuncts Sun and Mars in the natal chart.

I am looking into more stock-charts and if I find more stocks, I will add them in this list.
The viewers also encouraged to search their own databases and suggest stocks if they meet above criteria.

As usual, please note that I do not recommend anybody to buy any of these stocks based on my Astrological ideas. Viewers should do their own research and diligence.

Good Stocks for 2014 (List given on Nov. 29, 2013)

I gave a list of ten stocks for 2013 on Dec 1 , 2012. This list was based solely on the strength of transiting Saturn. I selected those stocks which have strong Saturn in the astro-charts of the stocks. Here is how they performed during the period December 1, 2012 to November 29,2013.

Stock Symbol
Price on 12/1/2012
Price on 12/1/2013
Dividend Earned
Gain or Loss
YHOO  18.60 36.98 0%  99%
RAX 69.40 38.40 0%  -45%
NFLX 81.90 364.70 0%  345%
TCAP 25.70 29.76 8%  23%
LLY 49.40 50.40 4%  6%
LEN 38.40 35.92 1%  -6%
F 11.60 17.10 3%  50%
PMT 24.80 22.58 10%  1%
MA 492.00 761.44 1%  56%
STX 25.40 49.04 4%  97%


An average of 63% is much better than the S&P average of 26%, and is a testament to the usefulness of my analysis of stock charts based on astrology. I am now going to offer a similar list of 10 stocks for 2014. Since Saturn remains exalted until October 2014, I am going to stick with this list with a few changes. This is because I have studied more astro-charts of stocks, and found better stocks that have strong Saturn in the natal charts and running sub-periods of Saturn. I am dropping NFLX simply because it has gone too far too fast. I am going to stay with YHOO, LEN, F, MA and STX. I am going to replace other five stocks with KKR, MU, RRC, CSIQ and NSM. Since some of the new stocks were running Saturn sub-period last year, they have already advanced in price. One should therefore be careful to buy at these levels.

Thus my ten stocks for 2014 are: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), Micron Technology (MU), Range Resources Corp (RRC), Canadian Solar (CSIQ), Nationstar Mortgage (NSM), Yahoo (YHOO), Lennar Corp (LEN), Ford Motor (F), Master Card (MA) and Seagate Techn (STX).

Another interesting point to note is that Jupiter is also entering its sign of exaltation in June 2014, and will remain exalted for about one year. Therefore I will come up another list of stocks which have strong Jupiter in their natal charts. Please keep in touch.

I have included another page “Selecting Stocks” on the website today (12/10/2014). This page describes my general way of finding market leaders. The method is very simple and easy. So you must read.

My Stocks for 2013 (List given on Dec 1, 2012)

Based on my astrological analysis, the year of 2013 is not expected to produce good results for U.S. stock market. But even in a bad year  it is always possible that some stocks may stand out or  outperform the averages.  Here I select some stocks,which in my opinion can produce good results during the year 2013. The astrological reason for my bullishness on these stocks is that the Saturn is going to be exalted throughout the year 2013, and these stocks are running the sub-period of Saturn, and Saturn is well placed and strong in their natal charts. There may be hundreds of stocks which satisfy these criteria, but I could study only 300 astro-charts and came up with ten names. Here are the ten stocks:

YHOO (Yahoo), RAX (Rackspace), NFLX (Netflix), TCAP (Triangle Corp), LLY (Ely Lilly Pharmaceuticals), LEN (Lennar Corp), F (Ford Motor), PMT (Pennymac Mortgage), MA (Master Card), and STX (Seagate).

Update on My Holdings (January 27, 2013)

Last 3 months have been very bad for AAPL. The stock has plummeted from $700 to $440. If you look history of this stock you can see that this kind of draw-downs are not unusual for the AAPL stock. The astrological reason for this is the close conjunction of the Major-period planet Jupiter and extremely malefic planet Saturn. AAPL is going through a sub-period of Venus, which is although in its own sign Libra, yet in the 12th house,  the house designated for losses. The good thing is that the Venus sub-period will be followed by Sun sub-period, which would start on 11/29/2014. The Sun is very strong in this chart and in D-4. I therefore urge the long term investors to stick with this stock, as I firmly believe that the best days of AAPL have yet to come, although we may have to wait for almost 2 years.

On the positive side, all of the “good stocks for 2013” are behaving very nicely. If one has bought all or any one of them on 12/01/2012, the date I posted them, one would be very happy now.

Update on My Holdings (March 10, 2013)

Of all the stocks recommended above, many stocks such as YHOO, NFLX, TCAP, LLY, LEN and MA are doing great. The laggards are PMT, F, and STX. Overall the entire portfolio is generating gangbuster results. From the stocks recommended last year LNKD, CLMT, AGNC and SODA have been excellent. AAPL is still a laggard. I continue to have patience for the stock, as I firmly believe that this would start recovering, may be in the month of May 2013.

Update on My Holdings (September 01, 2013)

Last few months have produced excellent results because the markets have done well so far in 2013. My patience in AAPL is paying off. Looking at the astro-chart of AAPL, I firmly believe the best days of this stock are yet to come, although one may have to wait till the beginning of 2015.

Of the predictions made for 2013, NFLX, F, MA, STX, TCAP and YHOO are doing good. Others have shown weakness, especially RAX. Since Saturn would remain exalted throughout 2013.  I will hold on to them.

From the stocks of 2012, LNKD, QCOR,CSIQ, SODA etc have done exceptionally well. AGNC, CLMT, LLY, LINE have deteriorated. I sold LINE and LLY, but holding on to AGNC and CLMT, as I am expecting better days to return.

Update on my holdings on 12/10/2013

My current holdings are totally based on the two lists, one given on the front page (10 stocks for 2014) and the other given on page “Selecting Stocks”. More specifically I own AAPL, KKR, MU, STX, MA, CSIQ, QCOR, NSM, O, AGNC, CLMT, DK etc. I am planning to buy TWTR.


Carnage in Gold and Silver in April 2013

This month something unusual happened, which prompted me to seek an astrological explanation. The price of gold fell from $1510 to $1313 in a matter of hours on April 12. This was most likely orchestrated by certain US brokers to under mine the importance of gold as a currency against the dollar.  However we can find a very easy explanation in Astrology for this extraordinary move. Sun, which represents Gold and currency was entering its sign of exaltation, Aries, on April 13. It was opposed by Strong Saturn in its own sign of exaltation, Libra. Saturn represents demolition of prices and severe corrections. Although the exact opposition between strong Sun and Saturn is occurring today (April 28), and it is not uncommon to see the results a few days earlier or after the exact aspect. It is also important to note that this kind of opposition of these two strong planet does not occur very often. Of course this opposition has other ramifications than influencing the price of gold and silver also.

The next question is can we take advantage of this knowledge. The answer is certainly yes. The Sun is moving forward slowly out of the retrograde Saturn’s opposition. It will take about 15 days for Sun to move out of strong evil grips of Saturn. It generally takes more time than a few days for the prices to recover after this kind of demolition.  I would therefore slowly move into Gold and Silver for long term investment.

UPDATE on Sept 1, 2013

As predicted gold moved higher from $1180 to $1400 after April 2013.  People who followed my astrological prediction should have made some good money. At this time the Sun is in its own sign of Leo and Saturn is exalted in Libra. In about one and a half month Sun will be in the sign Libra where it will conjoin Saturn. The upward move in gold prices will therefore get stalled, and one can see another correction around beginning of November. The upward move could once again resume after Middle of  November 2013.

UPDATE on 12/10/2013

As predicted there was a second correction in the gold in November 2013. Gold is sitting around $1250 an once now. Since the planet Sun is in the sign Sagittarius,where it will be aspected by Saturn for a few days,it is my view that the recovery of gold prices will be slow. One needs to have patience to see gold prices moving higher.


My Stocks for 2012:

Considering good planetary periods, technical analysis and my own moderately aggressive attitude, I am long PM, AAPL, AGNC, LNKD, GNC, SODA, LLY, INVN, CLMT, FOSL, NSM at the present time (August 2012). Although I am a BUY-&-HOLD type of guy, these holdings may change if the market conditions or technical analysis of a stock change. I will write about any change in my holdings when I update this site on Saturdays.

Update on my Holdings July 13, 2012

Although the market has not been good the past week, the stocks picked on this site on the basis of astrology have done much better than many other stocks. AAPL, LNKD, PM, AGNC, LINE, CLMT etc. resisted going down. Only 2 stocks, GNC and SODA went down with the market. I hope they would recover also faster.

You may note that I have added Netflix (NFLX) to my holdings after selling MNST. If you believe in  astrology, you should seriously consider this stock.

Update on my Holdings July 25, 2012

It was early to pick up NFLX, because its expected turnaround year is given to be 2013. Replaced NFLX with LLY.

Update on my Holdings August 18, 2012

Added NSM and FOSL last week.

Update on my Holdings September 15, 2012

The latest additions NSM and FOSL are doing fine. Earlier selections are all doing great too. Look at the charts of LNKD, AGNC, AAPL, LLY, etc. PM, GNC, INVN and SODA are stuck in a range, but that is OK.

Added GLD and SLW last week, following technical indicators.

Update on my holdings on 10/6/2012

Sold SODA on technical grounds. Also sold NSM to take profits. Still holding AAPL, PM, AGNC, LLY, CLMT, GNC, INVN, LNKD, FOSL, LINE.

Update on my holdings on 10/27/2012.

Sold GNC at a profit and INVN and FOSL at a loss. Still holding AAPL, PM, AGNC, LLY, CLMT, LNKD, LINE, GLD and SLW. Added QCOR and PDLI.

Update on my holdings on 11/17/2012

SOLD GLD. Still holding AAPL,PM,  AGNC, LLY, CLMT, LNKD, LINE, SLW, QCOR and PDLI, although every stock has undergone significant correction.

AAPL especially has taken a big hit. I am of the opinion that AAPL will show a comeback this month. Astrologically the reason is that AAPL is undergoing a period of Jupiter/Venus. Venus was in its fallen sign of Virgo from the middle of October. It has now moved into its own sign Libra, which should be good for AAPL.

Anyhow, I will be raising cash during the coming month of Mid Nov – Mid Dec, as a big correction appears to be on the horizon after Chrismas.

Update on My Holdings (December 28, 2012)

Sold SLW and LNKD. Lowered number of shares in PM, LLY, LINE and PDLI to generate cash to buy more stocks in February. Still holding AGNC, AAPL, CLMT and QCOR.

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