Chart of USA

Just as a stock can have a chart, a country can also have a chart, although it is difficult to make a chart for a country, because it is difficult to pinpoint a time for the birth of a nation. We all know that USA got its independence on July 4, 1776. This independence was declared in the afternoon in Philadelphia. But the chart created for that time and place does not show the qualities and occurrences of events in the history of USA. Many astrologers have tried many charts with different dates and times, but they could not agree on a single chart. Like many other people, I have also spent years on this subject. I have finally convinced myself that the chart made for the day when the Continental Congress passed the Articles-of-Confederation during a meeting on 11/15/1777 in Yale, Pennsylvania, is the best possible chart especially for the matter of looking at the economic condition of the USA. This date was suggested by David Solte, and he rectified the time to be 12:46pm LMT. I have fine-tuned the time of birth to be 12:25 PM with the help of Divisional charts.

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This chart has a Capricorn sign rising at 21 degrees with two exalted planets, and one planet in its own sign. Exalted Moon is a positive planet in a positive bhava (4H) and in own star, makes the country financially strong, but the fortunes fluctuate like its phases. Saturn and Venus are also functional benefics, but gives mixed results because they are strong and are zero sign lords. These two planets perhaps were responsible to expand the country from 13 to 50 states, and also cause many natural calamities such as tornados and hurricanes. Mercury is the yogi planet but is weakened because it is present in a zero sign. The combination of three strong friends Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the ninth Bhava makes the country fortunate and leader in research, education, arts and industrial production. Both Mars and Ketu (south node) are negative planets, and are closely conjunct in a negative Bhava (12H) and in a negative star of a zero sign lord Venus. This make these two planets give positive results and increased prosperity. However, this conjunction also causes USA to fight wars (Mars and Ketu) in the foreign countries (12H), and attack on its soil from the far distant opponents. Rahu is also a negative planet in a negative Bhava (6H) and a negative star. It gives the country enthusiasm and courage to fight until victory. Jupiter is duplicate yogi but is 12H sthool lord and 6H sukshma lord. Therefore it gives mixed results. Sun is an extremely malefic planet, because it is 8H and 12H sukshma lord, and 8H sthool lord. Its aspect on Moon in the 5H causes stock market’s wild corrections. When it transits over positive planets such as Moon in 5H, Venus, Saturn and Mercury in 10H during the months of May and October, it occasionally creates corrections in the stock market. Presently, the major period of Sun is running, which can explain the present financial troubles of the country since 2008. Next period of exalted Moon starting in 2016 hopefully would bring stability in the financial markets and economy of the country.