Example Charts

Here I am going to discuss some stock charts, and try to show that astrology really works to look into the price movements of the stocks over long run. The list includes some of the best and worst stocks, with their IPO-birth details, and the notable features in the astrology charts. All of these charts are drawn with zero Ayanmsha (Tropical signs). You will see how nicely and easily they explains the outcome of the companies using basic Vedic astrology rules and there is no necesssity of using any complicated rules or derivative charts.

Apple Company

AAPL is a leading stock for so many years. It started trading in 1980, and has produced best returns for investors long term.


The IPO-date chart clearly shows that. Look at the first house. It has Sun in the friendly sign Sagittarius. Mercury is strong in the first house because it has Dik-bala. The lord of first house Jupiter is in the eleventh house, which stands for profits. Jupiter is joined by exalted Saturn. Exalted Mars is in the second house. In other words both money houses have exalted planets. Moon is present in the third house aspected by Jupiter from eleventh house. Jupiter is in Libra and Moon is in Aquarius, both are the signs of innovation. The sign Gemini is also under the influence of Jupiter, Mercury and Sun. Venus in the twelfth house is considered good by most astrologers. Fifth house is aspected by Jupiter, strong Saturn and strong Mars. Ninth house of fortune is influenced by strong Mars and benefic planet Moon. There is a rare and unusual yoga is present in this chart. All planets occupy houses 3 to 11 forming Chhatra (umbrella) yoga, which stands for abundance.  The chart also shows two special yogas of Seshadri Iyer techniques based on Yogi, ascendant and ascendant star. Ketu in the third house is also under the influence of two benefic planets Moon and Jupiter. Rahu is the only planet which can cause mischief in this chart. That is why investors see corrections sometimes, and its Rahu mahadasha period (1985-2003) was a dull period.


Refco was the worst IPO of 2005. From $22 it fell to 0.44 and pink slips, when the scandal involving former CEO surfaced.



RIMM was a darling stock of the Wall street from 1999 to June 2008. Then it suddenly fell out of favor because of the stiff competition from AAPL.Click the chart to view full size

Just see how nicely the Vimshottri dasha shows this. It was running the period of Moon between 10/99 to 10/09. Positive planet Moon is in a positive 7H and in a star of a negative planet Sun. This Moon is closely aspected by a positive (1,10L) and strong Jupiter, which is in its own sign and has dik-bala in 1H. In D-4, Moon and Jupiter forms Gaj-Kesari Yoga. No wonder the stock was a high-flyer. Then came the main-period of Mars. Although Mars is the Yogi planet, it is located in the 8H both in the D1 and D4. Consequently, RIMM lost its leadership position. This period goes until Oct 2016. It can continue to show weakness until then. The next period of Rahu also does not show much promise.


MF Global

MF led by Jon Corzine, a US senator and former chairman of Goldman Sachs, filed for bankruptcy on 10/31/2011 within 5 years of its IPO. The bankruptcy was 7th largest by assets in US history. Let us see if we can see this in its astro-chart.

Click the chart to view full size

It filed for bankruptcy protection during Moon/Mars period. Moon is an Avayogi planet in a positive house and a negative star of zero sign lord Sun. Mars is also a zero sign lord. Mars is in the 8H from Moon. There are 5 planets in the zero signs in D1 including Yogi Saturn and ascendant, which makes the entire chart very weak. Both Moon and Mars are badly placed in D4. Moon is also badly placed in D9, where it is aspected by fallen Saturn and Sun. No wonder the company failed to do any good for its customers or share holders.



Monster Beverages

MNST. Its original name was Hansen Natural, with a symbol HANS. The company was trading at a price, which after stock-splits corresponds to 0.07 cents in 1997. It now trades at $75 in 2012. That is a gain of more than 1000 times in 15 years. Do we see this kind of growth in the astro-chart? Let us see.

Click the chart to view full size

The main period of Mars started in 1997. Mars is zero sign lord and 6H lord, which makes it a very negative planet. It is situated in the star Chitra, its own star, which results in Chitra becoming a negative star. This combination of a negative planet in a negative star gives positive results. Mars is present in 6H in D4, which is also considered good for Mars. Next came Rahu period in 2004. Rahu is a naturally negative planet. In this chart it also becomes an Avayogi. Thus Rahu is a doubly negative. It is located in a negative house (6H), and in the star of its sole enemy Venus. Negative multiplied by negative gives positive results. In D4 Rahu is conjunct exalted Jupiter. Net-net, there cannot be a better situation than this in astrology for positive results. This combination of two top quality planetary periods back to back produced excellent results. This stock is not done yet, as Rahu period continues for many more years. Like AAPL, this chart also shows the special yoga, and that is the ascendant star lord (Mercury) is in ascendant.

Important Note: I do not suggest that one should only look at the astro-charts while investing. I strongly believe that astro-analysis if used along with the fundamental and technical analysis, can produce superior results in the art of stock selection.

Founding Day Charts


Amazon is a company that has changed the way how we shop. Here is the noon chart of the founding day of this company.

First look at the strength of the planets. Moon is exalted, and Saturn and Mercury are in own houses. Jupiter aspects Saturn and Mercury providing additional strength to these already strong planets. Moon is also involved in wealth producing Chandra-Mangal yoga. All air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are exceptionally strong indicating innovations. In D9 chart also, two planets, Moon and Venus are exalted. The company was founded in Major period of Moon and minor period of Jupiter, both of which form Gaj-kesari yoga.

No wonder this company is the leading company. It produced immense wealth for the investors. It changed the way of living of this generation by producing innovative ideas and products one after the other.