Learn Financial Astrology

If you are interested in learning financial astrology slowly, please contact me. I have written all the material in 2 sections. First section deals with basics of Hindu astrology and second section with financial astology. The two sections are fully expanded into a total of 20 chapters. I can send you these lessons one by one by e-mail. You learn at your speed asking questions and getting personal attention on the way. There will be a small fees attached to this correspondence-type of course.  You may request for first lesson, which is free. 

Here is the description of the lessons.

SECTION I – Basics of Astrology

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2 & 3: Signs

Lesson 4-5: Houses

Lesson 6-8: Planets

Lesson 9: Relationship between Planets

Lesson 10: Astronomical side of Astrology

Lesson 11: Strengths & weaknesses of Planets

Lesson 12: Timing System of Astrology & Powerful Combinations of Planets

Lesson 13: How to construct a chart

SECTION II – Investing in US Stock market

Lesson 14: Astrology-chart of a Company

Lesson 15: Selecting Right stocks for Investment

Lesson 16-17: Timing of Investment in Stocks

Lesson 18: Determining trend in the stock market

Lesson 19: Can we use Astrology charts for ETF’s, Gold or Bitcoin

Lesson 20: Some useful Technical Analysis & Putting everything together

Please note that, although Section II is written for US stock market, the principles can be applied to any market, Indian or British, etc.

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