March 08 – 12, 2021

SP500 gained 32 points last week, although it was very volatile. I was expecting slightly higher market too. 

Here is  the expected breakdown of the week of  March 08, 2021 – March 12, 2021.

The compressed vimshottri dasha planet for the period March 08 – 11 is Jupiter. Jupiter rules 6th house, and is placed in Aquarius in 8th house. Jupiter has the company of Venus and Mercury in 8th house. This configuration could result in a higher market.

The cvd planet for the period March 12-16 is Saturn. Saturn occupies the 8th house in its own sign Aquarius. It is conjunct Venus and Jupiter in the 8th house. It may therefore result in a higher market.

Transits during this week: There is a good conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. This can cause stock market to go higher. Venus has come within 5 degrees of Sun, which is bad for stock markets. As a result we can see a mixed market.

Overall this week the market may be higher.