Nov 23 -27, 2020

SP500 lost 28 points last week, while I was expecting a higher week. 

Here is  the expected breakdown of the week of  November 23, 2020 – November 27, 2020.

The cvd planet for the period November 23 – 24 is Mars. Mars rules eighth house and is placed in eighth house. This setup can result in slightly higher values for the indexes.

The cvd planet for the period November 25 – 28 is Rahu. Rahu is placed in the tenth house in sign Gemini. Mercury, its dispositor is in Scorpio, sign aspected by strong Mars. This configuration could result in a slightly higher market.

Overall this week the S&P 500 may end up  Higher.

The week after that may start with a Lower day on November 30, 2020.