Turnaround Stocks

Comparison of AAPL & GILD (May 12, 2015)

Great amount of money can be made if one buys a stock in downtrend when it is ready to change the direction of the trend. I call such a stock as turnaround stock. An example is the stock of Apple Co. In June 2013 it was trading at $57 (after 7/1 split). Now (May 2015) it is at $127, a price gain of 123% in less than two years. I have studied astro-charts of such stocks and the position of the transit planets at the time of reversal in trend. I found that it is possible to predict the timing of trend reversal for great stocks in distress.

Here is the process based on my research and thorough back testing:

First, the stock should have been falling or consolidating for some time. Then wait for the transit of yogi planet or other strong functional benefics on approximately 5-10 degrees before the yogi point of the natal chart. Sometimes the transit of strong and functional benefics on the natal yogi planet also works. In fact, the best scenario is the transit of strong planes on both yogi point and yogi planet of the natal chart.

If turnaround occurs during this transit, then give 3-6 months to realize good gains in the stock.

Here is the well known example of Apple Co stock and the transits in June 2013.


The Yogi point is at Sagittarius 26:49 degrees. 5-10 degrees before that would be approximately Sagittarius 17-22 degrees. In the middle of June 2013, this point was aspected by transiting Venus and Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Taurus. Subsequently this point was also aspected by transiting Sun (Yogi planet) and Jupiter (Duplicate yogi). These aspects of strong and benefic planets one after the other near the yogi point resulted in the recovery of Apple stock.




I have observed many such examples. I will not produce all of them here. I may perhaps keep them  for my next book. However for the benefit of my readers I am going to point toward a forthcoming opportunity in the stock market. The stock of Gilead company has been consolidating for some time now. This is very good company but the stock is very cheap on all measures. It is becoming increasingly frustrating to see the under-performance of the stock. I am predicting here that the stock will resume its uptrend in September-October 2015 time period based of the transits of planets near its Yogi point.  The Yogi point of GILD is at Leo 27 degrees. Now look at the transit of planets in September 2015. The Yogi and Duplicate yogi planet Sun would be in Leo, its own sign, at 18 degrees. This will soon be followed by functional benefic Jupiter and Mars (around October 13, 2015) and Venus (around October 21, 2015). I am therefore confidant to suggest that this stock would see better days in September and October 2015, may be a little sooner because the functional benefic Mercury transits this point in August. I also expect the upward trend to continue for some time after September October period.