April 17 – 21, 2023

The S&P500 gained 33 points last week. I was expecting a lower market. 

Here is the expected breakdown for the week of  April 17, 2022, to April 21, 2023.

A new monthly solar return chart is applicable from April 17 and will stay effective until May 17. The month lord is Mars, which is also a critical planet for the interpretation of this chart for the stock market. Unfortunately, Mars is fallen, not a welcome feature. The other important planet is Jupiter. Jupiter occupies the tenth house in the sign Aries. Jupiter also has an association with its friend, the Sun, which is very strong in this sign and house. The conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun should compensate for the weakness of Mars. Mercury has an association with Uranus, and it exchanges signs with Venus. Mercury in the eleventh house is also surrounded by Venus in the twelfth and Jupiter in the tenth house. This setup is called Shubh-kartari yoga. Moon is in a friendly sign but is close to Neptune, a malefic planet, which makes it a neutral planet. Overall, this chart looks reasonably bullish for the month. 

Jupiter is the compressed  Dasha planet for the period of April 14 – April 18 in the new monthly chart. Jupiter occupies the 10th house in the sign Aries. It conjuncts the Sun at a distance of 4 degrees, which makes it combust.  It rules the 6th house and occupies the 10th house. The indexes may end flat on April 17.

The compressed Vimshottri dasha planet for April 18 – 21 is Saturn. Sun occupies the 9th house in the sign Pisces. It rules the 8th house. It is, therefore, a malefic planet in both natural and functional ways. It forms a trine relationship with Mars and a square relationship with Venus. It may, therefore,  give poor results. The market may therefore go lower during these days. 

Transits during this week:  Sun and Jupiter transit through Aries during this week. Mercury remains in Taurus along with Rahu and Uranus.  Keu transits Scorpio. Sun is exalted in Aries. Venus moves onto Gemini. The moon moves in Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. Everything looks good, except the transit of Mars in its sign of fall. Sun has crossed over Jupiter so that the effect of combustion is decreasing.  The market can therefore be volatile during the week. It may go flat on Monday, slightly higher on Tuesday and Wednesday, and lower on Thursday and Friday.

Overall this week, the market may go LOWER.

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