April 18 – 22, 2022

S&P500 lost 96 points last week. I was expecting a slightly higher market. 

Here is the expected breakdown for the week of  April 18, 2022, to April 22, 2022.

A new monthly solar return chart is effective from April 17, and it will influence the stock market until May 16. The critical planet, Mars, occupies the 1st house and has the company of  Venus and Jupiter in the sign Pisces. Mars is weak as it has just moved into the sign. Two planets, Sun and Venus, are exalted. This is not good for the month as they rule the 6th and 8th houses, respectively, which are malefic houses. The aspect of strong Jupiter on the south node is good, but the aspect of Saturn on Ketu is not. I, therefore, expect this month to be a slightly bearish month. 

The compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period April 17 – April 19 is Rahu. Rahu occupies the 3rd house in the sign Taurus.  It receives the negative influence of Saturn. Therefore, it may negatively affect the stock market and push the indexes lower.

The compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period  April 20 – April 23 is Jupiter. Jupiter occupies the 1st house in its own sign, Pisces.  Therefore, it may positively affect the stock market and move the indexes higher.

Transits during this week:  Venus transits Pisces along with Mars and Jupiter. Sun moves in Aries, Mercury in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius. The moon transits through Scorpio and Sagittarius. The aspect of Saturn on fallen Moon and Ketu is terrible.  This setup can cause the stock market to go lower in the first half of the week. 

Overall this week, the market may go SLIGHTLY LOWER.

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