Dec 20 – Dec 24, 2021

S&P500 lost 92 last week. I was expecting a lower market too. 

Here is the expected breakdown of the week of  December 20, 2021 – December  24, 2021.

A new monthly solar return chart is applicable from December 18, which would remain in effect until January 16, 2022. The lord of the month is Venus, which rules the 3rd house and is present in the 6th house in the sign Capricorn. This is not a bad situation. The real problem is that the critical planet Mars is very close to the south node, Ketu.  This is an extremely unfavorable situation. I, therefore, think that this month may be a down month for the US stocks, where the indexes can end lower.

The compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period  December 19 – December 23 is Rahu. Rahu occupies the 11th house in the sign Gemini. It has the company of Moon who has the aspect of Jupiter. It may therefore produce a neutral effect on the stock market and may keep the indexes flat.

The compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period  December 24 – December 27 is Jupiter. Jupiter occupies the sign Aquarius and has the company of Saturn. It may therefore produce a negative effect on the stock market and may push the indexes to go lower.

Transits during this week:  Venus transits Capricorn surrounded by Ketu in Sagittarius and Saturn in Aquarius. Mars in the sign Sagittarius gets the company of Ketu. Sun is also transiting Sagittarius.   Moon transits through Cancer and Leo. This setup can cause the stock market to remain volatile. 

Overall this week, the market may go slightly lower or end flat.

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