Jan 03 – 07, 2022

S&P500 gained 40 last week. I was also expecting a slightly higher or flat market. 

Here is the expected breakdown of the week of  January 03, 2022 – January 07, 2022.

The compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period  January 02 – January 05 is Mercury. Mercury rules 2nd house and occupies the sign Capricorn. It also has the company of Venus. It may therefore produce a positive effect on the stock market and may push the indexes to go higher.

The compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period  January 06 – January 07 is Ketu. Ketu occupies the 5th house in the sign Sagittarius. It has the company of Mars. It may therefore produce an adverse effect on the stock market and may keep the indexes slightly lower.

Transits during this week:  Venus transits Capricorn. It has now become retrograde, which makes it more benefic until it becomes combust towards the end of the week. Mars in the sign Sagittarius is getting further from Ketu. Sun is transiting Capricorn. Moon transits through Capricorn and Aquarius. This setup can cause the stock market to go up in the first three days, and then down on the remaining two days of the week. 

Overall this week, the market may go slightly higher or end flat.

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