Jan 23 – 27, 2023

The S&P500 lost 27 points last week. I was also expecting a slightly lower market.

Here is the expected breakdown for the week of  January 23, 2022, to January 27, 2023.

The compressed Vimshottri dasha planet for Jan 21 – 25 is Mercury. Mercury rules the 5th house and occupies the 9th house in the sign Capricorn. It is retrograde, also. It may, therefore,  give good results. 

Ketu is the compressed  Dasha planet for the period  Jan 26. Ketu occupies the 7th house in the sign Scorpio. Therefore, during this period, the indexes may end lower.

The compressed Vimshottri dasha planet for Jan 27 – 31 is Venus. It has the company of its friend, Saturn.  But Venus rules the 6th house and occupies the 10th house in the sign Aquarius. It may, therefore,  give neutral results. 

Transits during this week:   Mercury transit through Capricorn, but its motion is direct now. Sun and Venus remain in Aquarius along with Saturn.  Rahu transits Taurus and Ketu Scorpio. The moon moves in Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries. Other planets form an exact number of unfavorable and favorable aspects during the week. The nodes make a square aspect with Sun this week, which is not good. This setup can cause the stock market to go lower on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and higher on Monday and Friday. 

Overall this week, the market may be Slightly LOWER.

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