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If you are interested in learning financial astrology slowly, please contact me. I have written all the material in 2 sections. First section deals with the basics of Hindu astrology and the second section with financial astrology. The two sections are fully expanded into a total of 21 chapters. I can send you these lessons one by one by e-mail. You learn at your speed asking questions and getting personal attention on the way. There will be small fees attached to this correspondence type of course.  You may request the first lesson, which is free. 

Here is the description of the lessons.

SECTION I – Basics of Astrology

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2 & 3: Signs

Lesson 4-5: Houses

Lesson 6-8: Planets

Lesson 9: Relationship between Planets

Lesson 10: Astronomical side of Astrology

Lesson 11: Strengths & weaknesses of Planets

Lesson 12: Timing System of Astrology & Powerful Combinations of Planets

Lesson 13: How to construct a chart

SECTION II – Investing in US Stock market

Lesson 14: Astrology-chart of a Company

Lesson 15: Selecting Right stocks for Investment

Lesson 16-17: Timing of Investment in Stocks

Lesson 18: Determining major trends in the stock market

Lesson 19: Determining monthly and weekly trends in Stock Market

Lesson 20: Alternate Investment Vehicles (ETF’s, Gold, and Bitcoin)

Lesson 21: Some Useful Technical Analysis Ideas

Please note that, although Section II is written for the US stock market, the principles can be applied to any market, Indian or British, etc.


Comments from two students who have just completed the course:

This financial astrology course is a gold mine. It explains the fundamentals of astrology as well as stock market methods and techniques in a very simple and efficient manner. My investment returns have already been improved and my confidence in stock selection and timing have increased tremendously. I am sure things will continuously improve going forward with more practice and experience.  H.S.

My name is Chris and I am in the business of international trade for the last 35 years. In my personal life, I was astonished by two competent astrologers who accurately laid down the story of my life up to that moment. I wondered whether their technique could also be applied to financial and investment matters. To this end, I contacted Raj Chadha and took his financial astrology course.

I strongly recommend Raj’s astrology course and unconventional wisdom to anyone interested in adding financial astrology to their investment due diligence. Personally speaking, I have only benefited from it. 

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  1. Hello Sir,
    I want to learn financial astrology for Indian market.
    Request you to provide study material.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Prashant:
      I have written the course for U.S. markets. But I am sure the system can be applied to the Indian markets also. I will give you more details from my other email account.
      Raj Chadha


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