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If you are interested in learning financial astrology slowly, please contact me. I have written all the material in 2 sections. First section deals with basics of Hindu astrology and second section with financial astology. The two sections are fully expanded into a total of 21 chapters. I can send you these lessons one by one by e-mail. You learn at your speed asking questions and getting personal attention on the way. There will be a small fees attached to this correspondence-type of course.  You may request for first lesson, which is free. 

Here is the description of the lessons.

SECTION I – Basics of Astrology

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2 & 3: Signs

Lesson 4-5: Houses

Lesson 6-8: Planets

Lesson 9: Relationship between Planets

Lesson 10: Astronomical side of Astrology

Lesson 11: Strengths & weaknesses of Planets

Lesson 12: Timing System of Astrology & Powerful Combinations of Planets

Lesson 13: How to construct a chart

SECTION II – Investing in US Stock market

Lesson 14: Astrology-chart of a Company

Lesson 15: Selecting Right stocks for Investment

Lesson 16-17: Timing of Investment in Stocks

Lesson 18: Determining major trend in stock market

Lesson 19: Determining monthly and weekly trend in Stock Market

Lesson 20: Alternate Investment Vehicles (ETF’s, Gold and Bitcoin)

Lesson 21: Some Useful Technical Analysis Ideas

Please note that, although Section II is written for US stock market, the principles can be applied to any market, Indian or British, etc.


Comments from a student who has just completed the course:

This financial astrology course is a gold mine. It explains the fundamentals of astrology as well as stock market methods and techniques in a very simple and efficient manner. My investment returns have already been improved and confidence in stock selection and timing have increased tremendously. I am sure things will continuously improve going forward with more practice and experience.  H.S.

26 thoughts on “Learn Financial Astrology”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have done PhD in human genetics and working as Biomedical Scientist from last 10 years. I am interested in Learning Financial Astrology . Please confirm the charges for the course . I am really passionate about how these planet totally rule our life and our surroundings.

  2. Hello Raj:
    I’d would like to have a reading from you. You mentioned that a depression is coming in 2023. My ascendant is Taurus and is with Rahu. I’m in my Saturn Mahadasha and should be in my 2nd Saturn Return (10 Th house) in 2023. My 10th house is aspected by Mars in my 4th house.
    I also have invested $20k in cryptocurrency in which I plan to hold. I will lose if I sell, so I am holding.
    I’m supposed to have a better life with my Saturn period, slowly and surely with hard work.
    I’m also interested in learning finance stock and crypto astrology; I want to know when is a good time for me to start.
    Please contact me on how I may get a reading from you and how much will it cost. jezzica.delapena@gmail.com

    • Jezzica:
      I will reply to this email from my other account, as I do not give personalized answers here.
      Raj Chadha

  3. Dear Dr. Chadha,
    I live in Toronto and I am interested in your Financial Astrology courses. Please share details and cost at your earliest convenience.
    Kindest regards,

  4. Dear Mr. Raj,
    I am interested in learning financial /stock market -Astrology
    I am from Edison NJ 08817

  5. I am interested in Learning Financial Astrology . Please confirm the charges for the course . For me astrology is a hobby and passion . I am not doing this for investment .

    • I would also be interested. I am from India and based out of Mumbai. I had also purchased your ebook long back and uses that as my foundations in the field of astrology. I am a hobbyist astrologer.

      I am also interested. Hope the fees are not too high for someone who is based out of India
      My email is reachanuj81@gmail.com

      • Subramanian:
        I understand that it is not easy to get a payment from India. Can you suggest some way I can be paid by the Indian readers?
        Raj Chadha


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