Oct 24 – 28, 2022

S&P500 gained 257 points last week. I was expecting a volatile market that would end lower.  The strength of Venus in Libra was powerful enough to overcome its weakness due to combustion. 

Here is the expected breakdown for the week of  October 24, 2022, to October 28, 2022.

Venus is the compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period  Oct 21 – 25. Venus occupies the 10th house in sign Libra. Venus is the strongest in this sign. Although it is very close to Sun, the indexes may end higher.

Sun is the compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet in the monthly solar return chart for the period  Oct 26 – 27. Sun rules the 8th house and occupies the 10th house in the sign of its fall, Libra. Since Sun is a functional malefic planet in the chart and is fallen, it may give positive results. Therefore, this period may see a higher value of the indexes.

The compressed dasha for Oct 28 – 29 is Moon. Moon occupies the 9th house in the sign Virgo. Since it is at the edge of a sign, it is weak. It may, therefore,  give poor results. The market may therefore move lower during this period.

Transits during this week:  Many changes are occurring in the planetary world this week. Saturn goes direct, which is positive for technology stocks. Sun and Venus leave Libra to enter Scorpio. It is favorable for Sun (leaders) but bad for Venus (consumer stocks). Jupiter enters back into Pisces. The solar eclipse falls on Oct 25.  Moon goes through its sign of fall, Scorpio. Rahu transits Taurus and Ketu Scorpio. Saturn aspects Ketu. Please note that the longitudinal difference between Saturn and Ketu is more than 5 degrees now. Therefore the combined malefic influence on the Moon while transiting Scorpio is diminishing.

As a result of so many changes, this week may see a lot of activity and volatility. This setup can cause the stock market to go higher on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday but lower on Wednesday and Friday. 


Overall this week, the market may be volatile but may end up slightly higher.

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