Oct 31 – Nov 04

S&P500 gained 176 points last week. I was expecting a volatile market that would end higher.  I was in the right direction. I was more correct on a daily basis.

Here is the expected breakdown for the week of  October 31, 2022, to November 04, 2022.

Mars is the compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet for the period  Oct 31. Mars occupies the 6th house in the sign Gemini. 6th house is suitable for Mars. It can therefore push the indexes higher.

Rahu is the compressed Vimshottri Dasha planet in the monthly solar return chart for the period  Nov 01 – 04. Rahu occupies the 5th house in the sign Gemini. Rahu gives good results in this sign and house. Therefore, this period may see a higher value of the indexes.

Transits during this week:  Saturn is direct now, but Mars turns retrograde on October 31.  Sun and Venus transit Scorpio, where Mercury joins them. Jupiter just moved back into Pisces. The Lunar eclipse falls on November 8. But its effect may be seen a few days earlier. Moon goes through Aquarius and Pisces. Rahu transits Taurus and Ketu Scorpio. Saturn aspects Ketu more than an orb of 5 degrees. Therefore this adverse transit is less effective now. As a result of so much activity, this week may see a lot of volatility. This setup can cause the stock market to go higher on Monday and Thursday, flat on Wednesday and Friday, and lower on Tuesday. 


Overall this week, the market may be volatile but may end up Mixed/FLAT.

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