Early Warning

Very Early Warning

Let me first caution you, this bulletin is not meant to scare you, only to forewarn you of a possibility so that you can prepare yourself in time.

There is a branch of astrology called Jaimini astrology. For NYSE chart, it shows a 93 year cycle with a planetary period called Chara Dasha. If you add 93 to 1930, you get 2023. I therefore think it is quite possible that we may see a 1930 like situation in 2 to 3 years. Interestingly something like that happened 93 years before 1930 also, but it is not as well-known as 1930 depression. You can go to Wikipedia and search for the panic of 1837. That means there exit a 93 year cycle of depressions in USA. I am not scaring but trying to make you aware of the possibility of depression in USA in a few years. The purpose of astrology is to see things in future and prepare for any disaster. I am suggesting you to study earlier depressions and keep enough cash, some gold and silver coins, sufficient stock of dry grains etc. if and when you see things are going in that direction. Fortunately, you have more than enough time to prepare.

Here is the chart for the NYSE, drawn for 5/17/1792 and time 10:30 AM.



In Jaimini astrology, not planets but the signs are at the center of consideration. Planets in fixed signs aspect planets in moveable signs and vice versa, except the planets in the adjacent houses. Planets in dual signs aspect planets in the other dual signs. The signs have three kinds of stengths. More the number of planets in a sign, stronger the sign. If a sign is aspected by its lord or Jupiter or Mercury, it beccomes stronger. A sign is also gets stronger if its lord is a benefic planet and weaker if its lord is a mlaefic planet. There are other differences also between Jaimini system and Parashari system. You can consult a book written for this system.(Ref 1)

However, the most important thing is the total strength of a sign when combined all of the factors above. Here is the order of the signs based on the total strength for the NYSE chart.

Ta > Li > Sg > Le > Vi = Pi = Aq > Ge = Cn > Ar > Sc > Cp

In other words, Taurus is the strongest and Capricorn is the weakest sign.

The other major difference is the planetary periods. Just as Vimshottri is the most popular planetary period in Parashari system, Chara dasha is the most popular sign-period in Jaimini. The software Kala calculates the duration of these periods based on the distance between the sign and its lord. Here is the number of years alloted to the signs starting from ascendant Leo to the twelfth house sign Cancer in the direct order. The years are 9,8,7,10,10,3,2,7,5,12,11,9 respectively. The total makes a 93 years cycle. The cycle then repeats. The detail of three cycles is given in this table along with the details of some of the sub-periods of interest.

The first depression in the USA occurred around 1837, second one in 1930 onwards. Chara dasha at the time of first panic was Cp/Sc and second panic was also Cp/Sc. The reason is simple. Both the signs are the weakest signs. Based on this I can safely extrapolate that similar difficult period can occur between Nov 2022 and Feb 2023. It is important to note the dates of occurrences are not very exact. There could aways of a possibility of plus or minus a few months.

It is also important to not that this technique not only predicts depressions but also bull markets, bear markets and crashes within a window of a few months or years. The bull market of 1920’s (Aug 1921-Aug 1929) occurred in the major period of a strong sign Sg. Another bull market ( June 1949-April 1956) occurred in major period of Ta, the strongest sign. The bull market of Aug 1982-Aug 1987 occurred in major period of Le. The bull market of 1990’s occurred when major period of Vi was running. The last bull market of 2009-2019 was during the sign-period of Sg again.

The bear market of 1973-1974 was during the period Cn/Cp, and of 2002 during Sc/Sc. The crash of 1987 was during Vi/Vi, a sign occupied by Mars. Mars is known for quick and fast action. The big recesson of 2008 was during Sc/Ar, both signs ruled by Mars. The dates of bull, bear markets and panics are not given exactly by this system due to the effects of transiting  planets and other factors, but they are close enough to make a reasonable guess. I therefore think that a difficult situation in the financial markets of USA is possible around 2022 and 2023.


Ref 1. B.V. Raman. Studies in Jaimini Astrology.