About me

I am Raj Kumar Chadha. I am a Ph.D. in Chemistry and have held various teaching and research positions at The Scripps Research Institute, University of California San Diego, and universities of Manitoba and Windsor. I have more than 100 research papers published in Chemistry Journals.

I became interested in Astrology in my childhood when I heard my father and grandfather discussing Astrology almost on a daily basis. My interest in stocks developed after I moved to Canada in 1979. When stock market crashed in 1987 I started wondering if this could have been predicted by Astrology.  After I moved to San Diego in 1988, I continued my research in various astrological systems to analyze the financial markets. I now firmly believe that charts drawn with Tropical Zodiac coupled with traditional Vedic astrology can be safely applied to analyze the stocks and markets.

My other interests include playing Tabla with the local singers, oil painting and Hoemoepathy.  On the spiritual side I follow Prabhupada’s teachings, and I am an initiated devotee along with my wife from Radhanatha Maharaj of ISKCON, Bombay.  My initiated name is Rupa Manohar Das.

I am now retired from TSRI, La Jolla. All of my children are well settled, and I am now completely focused on financial astrology.