Sample report

Here I produce a sample of the report I produce when someone consults me for chart reading to improve his or her investing.

Dear Friend:

You were born on Jan xx, 19xx, at 1:40AM (MST) in Columbus, XX. The rising sign is Libra, and the ruler Venus is in the fifth house of creativity and speculation. Consequently, you are sweet, balanced, creative and very interested in financial growth. Jupiter in the second and Mars in the eighth house also show your interest in investment.

In Vedic Astrology, we see whether a period is good or bad through Vimshottri period system. It is basically a cycle of 120 years, in which each planet controls a certain number of years. Your achievements, gains or losses etc. are seen on the basis of this planet’s strength and position in the chart. You were running a period Jupiter during 1998-2014. As a result you must have had a good and satisfactory life in these 16 years. At present you are running 19 year period of Saturn, which started in Oct 2014. Saturn is a good planet for a chart with Libra rising. But inherently Saturn is not a good planet. As a result, it is going to give mixed results. The positive results from Saturn can be increased and negative decreased if we follow the Saturn’s natural traits. So what are Saturn’s traits? Saturn is a slow moving planet. It is a big planet. It is a planet of discipline. As a result, while investing you should select only big industrial companies, which are stable and well established. You should avoid at all costs small and speculative stocks. I emphasize that you should consider ONLY DJ-30 or SP-100 stocks. Saturn also stands for conservative values. You should therefore prefer value over growth stocks.

Saturn is situated in the third house of the chart with Sagittarius sign. This sign stands for progress, innovation and discoveries. The third house stands for communication and technology. Therefore large cap, well established biotech and technology companies are the right type of companies for you to invest. Just to give you some examples, you should prefer CSCO, INTC, AAPL, AMAT, GILD type of stocks over CAT, BA, AMZN, TWTR, ROKU, etc. It is also important to note that, as Saturn is a slow moving planet. Therefore,  only long term investing may be fruitful, not day trading or swing trading. Saturn is also aspected by Mars from the eighth house.  This aspect is not a beneficial aspect. Mars stands for aggression, energy, war, fire and surgery. Eighth house represents insurance and financial sectors. Therefore, avoid speculative, small cap stocks, particularly energy, financial, insurance and hospital stocks. Income stocks, such as REITS and MLP’s may also not give expected results because of the presence of Mars in the eighth house.

I also want to mention a little bit of other planets. Rahu in the twelfth house and Ketu in sixth house are indicative of occasional losses and sufferings in life. The strength of Moon shows the mental capabilities of a person. Moon in your chart is not strong, which shows that you get emotionally weak at the time of distress. It is therefore better to take the advice of a stable and strong mind. Mars in the eighth house shows marital difficulties. However, Sun in the fourth house shows good and stable retirement and old age. 19 years Vimshottri period of Saturn ends in October 2033. This is followed by Mercury period. You would be xx years old at that time. I would strongly recommend that you should be completely in cash by the time Mercury period starts. This mercury may cause some health problems, not easy to diagnose.

I am quite sure that if you follow these guidelines, you will produce satisfactory results in your investing.

Good luck.