Sources of Data

Since we are going to put our money on line using this method, it is very important to make a correct chart of the stock. For this one has to correctly find out the following information.

Founding day Charts. It is not easy to find the founding date of a company. The best source available is the website. Use the link, changing xxxx to the real symbol of a company, for example TSLA. The last line of the company description gives the founding date and city where its headquarter is located. Quite often only the month or year is given, not the date. In such a situation we cannot make the founding day chart, and we have to depend solely on the IPO day chart. But if the founding date is available, one must prefer this chart over the other, as this gives much better results than the IPO date chart.

First trade day Charts or IPO day Charts. The first thing we need is date. The main sources for IPO date are and These sites contains correct data for recent IPO’s. For older IPO’s  you may consider buying Bill Meridian’s book “Plenetary Stock Trading”. A website has compiled IPO dates of about 11000 stocks. But some of its data appear to be incorrect. So one should try to double check the data obtained from this site with other sources. The following website has a pdf file containing ipo dates of a large number of companies.

Lately has also started providing this date. You may use the link, replacing XXXX with the symbol. You may also try or for this information.

Please note, if a stock is traded on multiple stock exchanges or multiple countries, then one has to find the date where the stock IPO’d first.

The second is DST information. Since day-light saving conversion has been very inconsistent over the years and very different in different U.S. states, one must make sure if the DST was applicable on the IPO date. I use the website This site can also be used to convert NY time to HQ time.

The third is longitude and latitude of the HQ. They are generally provided in the astrology software. But if it is not a common city, you may go to the website for this information.