Example Charts

Here I am going to discuss some stock charts, and try to show that astrology really works to look into the price movements of the stocks over long run. The list includes some of the best and worst stocks, with their IPO-birth details, and the notable features in the astrology charts. All of these charts are drawn with zero Ayanamsha (Tropical signs). You will see how nicely and easily they explain the outcome of the companies using basic Vedic astrology rules as given by Parashara, (Ref. 1), and there is no need of using any complicated rules or derivative charts.

Apple Company

AAPL is a leading stock for so many years. It started trading in 1980, and has produced best returns for investors long term.


The IPO-date chart clearly shows that. Look at the first house. It has Sun in the friendly sign Sagittarius. Mercury is strong in the first house because it has Dik-bala. The lord of first house Jupiter is in the eleventh house, which stands for profits. Jupiter is joined by exalted Saturn. Exalted Mars is in the second house. In other words both money houses have exalted planets. Moon is present in the third house aspected by Jupiter from eleventh house. Jupiter is in Libra and Moon is in Aquarius, both are the signs of innovation. The sign Gemini is also under the influence of Jupiter, Mercury and Sun. Venus in the twelfth house is considered good by most astrologers. Fifth house is aspected by Jupiter, strong Saturn and strong Mars. Ninth house of fortune is influenced by strong Mars and benefic planet Moon. There is a rare and unusual yoga is present in this chart. All planets occupy houses 3 to 11 forming Chhatra (umbrella) yoga, which stands for abundance.  The chart also shows two special yogas of Seshadri Iyer techniques based on Yogi, ascendant and ascendant star. Ketu in the third house is also under the influence of two benefic planets Moon and Jupiter. Rahu is the only planet which can cause mischief in this chart. That is why investors see corrections sometimes, and its Rahu mahadasha period (1985-2003) was a dull period.


Refco was the worst IPO of 2005. From $22 it fell to 0.44 within days, when the scandal involving former CEO surfaced. 


Look at the first house. It has a fallen planet, Venus. The lord of first house, Mecrury goes to the twelfth house near Saturn and is apected by its enemy Mars from the ninth house. Second house does have benefic planet Jupiter, but it is afflicted heavily by the closeness of Ketu. The lord of second house Venus is fallen. After first house and second house, let us look at the planet Moon. It is utterly weak because it is fallen and its longitude is zero degree. It is also aspected by lord of the eighth house Mars. Weak Moon also coincide with poor third house. The Support on Gemini, Aquarius and Libra comes from afflicted Jupiter. Saturn is the sixth lord and conjunct and aspect too many planets. Two malefics Mars and Saturn aspect each other. There is not even a single positive factor in this chart.

Adobe Corp

ADBE, Adobe is a very successful company and has delivered an average 0f 25% annualized gains over the last 34 years to the investors. And that is despite 1987 crash, 2008 debacle and 2020 coronovirus crash. Can we see this in its IPO-date chart?


Let us start with the first house. Ascendant is Leo, and its Lord Sun is right there not only in the first house, but very close to the ascendant point. The lord of the second house is also present in the first house with the strength of Dik Bala. A strong Jupiter influences the second house from the eighth house. Third house is also occupied by its lord and benefic planet Venus. Next feature to consider is Moon. It is fallen in the fourth house, but it has Dik-bala and aspected by strong Jupiter in the eighth house. Moon therefore presents neech-bhang Raj-yoga. Mars in the sixth house is generally considered favorable planet because it can overpower the enemies or competitors. This Mars is also exalted. Saturn in the fifth house is also OK, because in Sagittarius it is known to give good results. It aspects the sign Gemini, which therefore may not be considered strong. But it compensated by the strength of the sign Libra. Even Rahu and Ketu cannot be termed as bad planets because of the strength of their dispositors, Mars and Venus. Overall this is a fantastic chart, and clearly explains the results this company has produced.

MF Global

MF was led by Jon Corzine, a US senator and former chairman of Goldman Sachs, filed for bankruptcy on 10/31/2011 within 5 years of its IPO. The bankruptcy was seventh largest by assets in US history. MF Global blew up because it took big risks that didn’t pay off. Let us see if we can see this in its astro-chart.


Compare this chart to the chart of Refco above. It has same ascendant, and Venus, Saturn and Mars in same signs. No wonder this stock also fell to zero because of the mischief of its CEO. The common factor indicating the similar problem is the mutual aspects of Saturn and Mars, which are both natural and functional malefics. However Jupiter is quite strong in this chart although aspected by Mars in the Ninth house. This might have the reason for this stock to continue trading for four years before declaring bankruptcy. Here there is an exchange of lords of first and eleventh house, which is a good factor, but could not accommodate other negative factors for long.

Netflix Inc. 

Netflix started with delivering CD’s by mail, and now they are a powerhouse of media and entertainment industry.


Let us start with the first house. Ascendant is Gemini, its lord Mercury is also present in the first house. Sun and Saturn are the friends of Mercury. They are also present in the first house along with Rahu and Mars. Mars is the lord of eleventh house. Rahu behaves as its dispositor Mercury. The planets Saturn Mars and Rahu are far away to be combust. In totality the first house, the sign Gemini, its lord Mercury are all very strong. Hence NFLX is a very innovative company. By the way the sign Gemini stands for entertainment. Oh I have yet to talk about the benefic planets. Exalted Jupiter and Venus are in second house of finances, and Moon in the sign Libra in the fifth house. Do they need any explanation? How about exchange of the lords of second and fifth house.

Celladon, Inc

CLDN was a San Diego based biotech company, which disappeared in 3-4 years.


Note that the first house has a combust planet Moon, as it is only 4 degrees away from Sun. This Moon is the lord of Sixth house and has and has a company of Mercury, which is the lord of eighth house. The first house thus is in bad shape. Its lord Saturn is in the house of its enemy. Lord of the second house is exalted Jupiter, but it is situated in sixth house. This Jupiter is also influencing the second house, second lord Saturn and Venus in the twelfth house. So everything is not so bad. The company being a biotech company needed a strong Gemini. There is no planet in Gemini. A malefic planet, Mars is in Libra. Enemies Sun and Moon are in the sign Aquarius. Planet Mars aspects the third house and no planet is in the eleventh house. Clearly, Jupiter alone could not overcome the deficiency of Amavasya Moon in the first house and other weaknesses.

Important Note: I do not suggest that one should only look at the astro-charts while investing. I strongly believe that astro-analysis if used along with the fundamental and technical analysis, can produce superior results in the art of stock selection.

Ref 1: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Chapter 12, Shlokas 5-7,  Chapter 13, Shlokas 1-10, Chapter 22, Shlokas 1-3 and 9-11.