Dear Reader:

I have started a service based on astrology and a technical indicator. The plan basically is to follow the trend with technical analysis and foresee the change in trend with astrology.  The combined signal tells us when one should go into an ETF (QQQ) and a stock (BAM), and when move out. This simple e-mail reads like this

Date, QQQ (In/out) BAM (In/Out)

It is a daily e-mail, but a change in signal may come once in a while depending upon the market. For example, the last sell signal on them came on January 23 and buy signal came on March 23, 2020. You can increase your return on investment manyfold if  you invest when the market is going up, and stay out when the market goes down.

I have selected these two, because QQQ contains all the good stocks of USA from different sectors, and BAM (Brookfield Asset Management) is an excellent alternate investment vehicle. Together they give enough diversification. For more details on them, you can visit More aggressive investors can use QLD (2x) or TQQQ (3x) instead of QQQ. You can buy or sell options based on these signals.

There is a monthly fee of $20 or an annual fee of $200. You can pay it on paypal or venmo. My account is on paypal and stockastrologer on venmo. Please let me know if you are interested, I can then send you a few sample reports, which would give you clear idea about this subscription.


PLEASE NOTE: This service is different from the Newsletter, for which you can sign on the sidebar. Newsletter is free and I write on it once in a while, whenever I have a major announcement to make regarding this website or US Stock market. Thanks.