Dear Reader:

I have started a service based on astrology and a technical indicator. The plan is to follow the trend with technical analysis and foresee the change in trend with astrology.  The combined signal tells us when to go into a few ETFs, such as QQQ, ARKK, KWEB, etc., and a stock (BRKB) and then move out. Here is a sample e-mail:

Date: 01/27/2023

Dear friend:     

We are in the middle of earnings season. As a result, the market goes up one day and down the other. Another reason for the volatility is conflicting reports about its well-being. Some believe we are about to start a new bull market, while others have many indicators to believe otherwise. In this challenging era, we can survive only if we follow the trend and be ready to move in or out at a moment’s notice. At the moment, we are almost fully invested.

Please note that my call on Jupiter’s transit in Aries will help TSLA pan out nicely, as TSLA has moved from $105 to $165 in just a few days.

Technical analysis warrants a few adjustments in the table below. As a result, TAN and INDY moved a step lower, and XBI, ITA, and XME moved higher.  




Large ETFs


Small Sectors


Best now





Good now





Just OK





Not yet





Out of favor









Suggested actions today: Buy none. Sell TAN and INDY.


Next, I provide my portfolio choice based on technical analysis, the transit of planets, and my gut feeling for better performance in the near future. I will reduce the switchings to a minimum.

My Choice of Portfolio: ARKK (15%), SMH (15%), GBTC (15%), QQQ (15%), KWEB (15%), and cash (25%). Selling TAN

Here is my perspective on the direction of the S&P500 for the current and the following week. It is based on the monthly solar return charts (January 17 – February 15) and the transit of planets during the week. Please do not use this information to trade, as it may not turn out like that, or I may be off by a day or two.

This week

Active Planet

Expected Move


Jan 23, 27

Mercury, Venus in Capricorn

Slightly Higher


Jan 24 – 26

More Square aspects than trines





Slightly Lower


Next Week




You will receive my following email on Monday, January 30, 2023.


Raj Chadha

Disclaimer: Trading in stocks and ETFs involves substantial risk. Readers using this information are solely responsible for their actions and invest at their own risk.

Please note:

The ETFs in the first table move from top to bottom and bottom to top. The top 2 categories are favorable ETFs, and the bottom 2 are unfavorable. Categories 3 and 4 are intermediate categories where it is unclear whether it is a buy or Sell. Category 3 means “Hold” if an ETF falls from category 2, and be ready to sell if it falls further. Category 4 means that this ETF is rising from Category 5, but it is not OK to buy yet; wait until it goes further.

Please note:

Passive investors may invest in large, broad-based sector ETFs in the above table. Examples of passive investors are retirees, people working on jobs, etc.

Moderately active investors may also invest in medium-sized sector ETFs. Some retirees and part-time workers may fall into this group of investors.

Active investors may also invest in smaller sections of the markets. For example, day traders or people who have time to attend to their investments actively may use these ETFs.

There is a monthly fee of $20 or an annual fee of $200. You can pay it on Paypal or Venmo. My account is on Paypal stockastrologer on Venmo. Please let me know if you are interested, I can then send you a few more sample reports, which would give you clear idea about this subscription.


PLEASE NOTE: This service is different from the Newsletter, for which you can sign on the sidebar. Newsletter is free and I write on it once in a while, whenever I have a major announcement to make regarding this website or US Stock market. Thanks.