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Although a scientist by profession, Dr. Raj Chadha has been interested in Vedic Astrology since childhood. He has been practicing and advising his friends and family for more than 40 years. He also authored a book, “ A Practical Guide to Hindu Astrology”. He has done an extensive research to understand the relationship between the transit of planets and stock price movements.

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Some people use fundamental analysis of the companies to invest in their shares. Other people use technical analysis to understand the behavior of the masses toward stock prices. Both these methods have their advantages, yet they fail to see the uncertainties of future events. Astrological analysis of a stock chart can provide valuable insights about a stock’s future performance and should be used in conjunction with fundamental and technical analysis.

To prepare a stock’s astrological chart, I use IPO’s first-trade-day as the stock-chart’s birthday and the exchange’s opening time where it trades as the time of birth of the stock. This time should be corrected for the company’s headquarters, which is used as the place of birth of the chart.

A significant part of the price movement of a stock comes from the direction of the stock market. I used to use a birth chart of the USA to determine the direction of the US stock market. But over time, I have found that the opening time chart of the New York Stock Exchange gives better results for this purpose. The day is May 17, 1792, the time is 10:30 AM (local time), and the place is New York, NY.

Because of the skepticism of the general American people about astrology, all the valuable information given on this site is free. I sincerely intend to prove these doubters that astrology works in the hands of an experienced astrologer. Nature has provided us with a tool in the form of planetary motion, and we should utilize it and not ignore it.


Ten best stocks for 2024

The year 2023 turned out to be much better than most forecasters expected before the year started. This is particularly true for a few mega-cap technology stocks. Of the ten stocks I selected for 2023, three produced excellent results, three generated poor, and others were mediocre. The list, although, beat the S&P500. Here is the performance of individual stocks.

However, the second list of 10 stocks did much better. Here is the performance.

The stocks were selected based on the strength of the major dasha planet in the 60-year cycle, known as Shashti-hayini Dasha. To produce better results, I have modified the selection rules further to select the best stocks. I analyzed 250 charts of the most active stocks individually to select the following ten for the first quarter of 2024. I will analyze these stocks again after the first quarter to see if any one of them needs to be replaced. Please do your own analysis before buying them.

Align Technologies, Inc (ALGN). Period of Su/Sa. Both Sun and Saturn are strong in the chart. Saturn is aspected by strong Mars. The period changes in May. So if it does not advance till the end of the second quarter, switch to Qualcomm (QCOM), for which an excellent period starts in June.  

Applovian Corp (APP). The period Su/Ma started in Feb 2023 and has produced excellent results so far. This period would end in Oct 2024. I will replace this stock in the third quarter of 2024.

Biomarin Pharmaceuticals (BMRN). Biotechs have not done well in 2023. This is my choice for 2024 as the running period is Ju/Me, and Mercury is strong and in conjunction with Sun.

Enphase Energy (ENPH). Running period Ma/Ju was not good. The next period, Ma/Su, which starts in Feb 2024, should be good as Sun is strong.

JD.Com (JD). Chinese stocks are out of favor now. The period of Ju/Mo goes on until Aug 2024. Since Jupiter aspects Moon, I hope the market will support this stock now.

Lennar Corp (LEN). The period of Ve/Ju is until Aug 2023. Both planets are strong and aspect each other. The next sub-period, which runs for another year, is also good.

Master Card, Inc (MA). Ma/Me period. Mars is strong, and Mercury has a company of strong Sun. The next sub-period of Venus is also good. Maybe it is also a stock to hold for a few years.

Nvidia Corp (NVDA). The Ma/Me period is going on until August 2024. Mars is very strong in this chart. It aspects Mercury. So Ma/Me is good. The period after that may not be good. I will, therefore, reevaluate this chart after the second quarter of 2024.

Riot Platforms (RIOT). Period of Sa/Ma and Sa/Mo. Mars and Saturn planets are strong. Both planets form a conjunction relationship. The minor periods change in April and November. I expect all periods to be good.

Sentinnel One Inc (S). Period of Ra/Sa. Saturn is strong in the chart. Both Rahu and Saturn make a trine relationship. A major period of Jupiter starts in November 2024. It may prove to be a good stock for the long term.  

Here is an alternate list of ten stocks, with slightly different astrological approach.  Let us see if this technique gives better results.


Please Note: These lists were uploaded on Dec 10,2023.

As usual, please note that I do not recommend anybody to buy or sell any of the stocks based on my Astrological ideas. Viewers should do their own research and diligence.