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Dr. Raj Chadha, although a scientist by profession, has been interested in Vedic Astrology since his childhood. He has been practising and advising his friends and family for more than 40 years. He also authored a book “ A Practical Guide to Hindu Astrology”. He has done extensive research to understand the relationship between the transit of planets and stock price movements.

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Some people use fundamental analysis of the companies to invest in their shares. Other people use technical analysis to understand the behavior of the masses towards the stock prices. Both these methods have their advantages, yet they fail to see the uncertainties of the future events. I believe astrological analysis of a stock-chart can provide useful insights about the future performance of a stock, and should be used in conjunction with the fundamental and technical analysis.

To prepare a stock’s astrological chart, I use IPO’s first-trade-day as the birth day of the stock-chart, and the opening time of the exchange where it trades as the time of birth of the stock. This time should be corrected for headquarter of the company, which is used as the place of birth of the chart.

The significant part of the price movement of a stock comes from the direction of the stock market. I used to use birth chart of the USA for the purpose of determining the direction of the US stock market. But over time I have found that the opening time chart of the New York Stock Exchange gives better results for this purpose. The day is May 17, 1792, the time is 10:30AM (local time) and the place is New York, NY.

Because of skepticism of the general American people about astrology, all the valuable information given on this site is free. It is my sincere intention to prove these doubters that astrology really works in the hands of an experienced astrologer. Nature has provided us a tool in the form of planetary motion, and we should utilize it and not ignore it.

Good Stocks for 2021 (November 30, 2020)

My list of 10 stocks for 2020 did exceptionally well. The list was given December 1, 2019, and today it is almost one year. Here is the performance in %. The return on SPY was 19%.

% gain 40 9 543 116 -37 80 19 -67 -1 -17 68.5

I am also giving a list of 10 stocks for 2021 following similar, rather better or improved methodology. Last year I considered the favorable transit of Jupiter on the IPO date charts of the stocks. This year I am also considering favorable planetary periods in those charts. I provided this list to my daily e-mail subscribers about 2 weeks ago. Some of the stocks have already advanced significantly. I would therefore advise to wait for some correction to take place before buying them. Here is the list:

Boeing Co., (BA): Favorable period of Saturn just started. Transit Jupiter would aspect almost all planets of the natal chart including Jupiter. One can therefore expect good return from Boeing in 2021.

Brookfield Asset Management, (BAM): Major period of Mars in Scorpio is running, and transiting Jupiter aspects strong natal Sun, and Venus and Jupiter. I believe 2021 should be a better year for the stock.

Adobe Systems, (ADBE): This is an evergreen stock. It is going through a major period of Sun in Leo. Transiting Jupiter influences it and strong Venus during 2021.

Etsy Inc., (ETSY): Both major (Jupiter) and minor (Sun) period planets establish relationship in the chart. Transiting Jupiter influences three planets.

Growgeneration Corp, (GRWG): Both major and minor planets are strong. It has already doubled in two weeks. One should therefore wait for some correction.

Alibaba Holdings (BABA): The major and minor period planets are not very strong. But transiting Jupiter influences four planets. If one wants to avoid Chinese stocks, he can replace it with Pinterest Inc, (PINS).

Horizon Therapeutics, (HZNP): Its minor planet is strong Sun, and transiting Jupiter aspects it and many other planets.

United Microelectronics Corp (UMC): This one has also more than doubled in two weeks. Transiting Jupiter would influence almost every planet in the chart. The major and minor period planets are very strong.

Jumia Technologies, (JMIA): Another one that has shot up to elevated levels already. Major period of strong Mars has just started. It can give good results in the long run.

Calithera Biosciences, (CALA): This is purely a speculative biotech stock. Transiting Jupiter aspects five planets including natal Venus and Jupiter. Major and minor period planets are in a relationship.

As usual, please note that I do not recommend anybody to buy or sell any of the stocks based on my Astrological ideas. Viewers should do their own research and diligence.