Astrology concepts

For beginners or those who have only a little knowledge of Astrology, I would suggest reading my book “A Practical Guide to Hindu Astrology” available online here. The price is $15 (if you live in USA) or $20 (if you live elsewhere). These prices include postage and handling. You can also get an e-mail delivery of the book by sending $10 only e-mail delivery of the book by sending $10 only. However there are many other sources of information about astrology available free on the internet.

To analyze the charts we are going to use some concepts developed by Seshadri Iyer in his books “New Techniques of Prediction”. The two-volume set is available from many bookstores online. However one can also go to the website for astrology lessons based on Iyer’s techniques. Another useful source is Hank Friedman’s website Section 3 of this site gives useful information about Iyer’s methods.

Software: I generally use Jyotish Tools, because it provides concise tools needed for S. Iyer’s techniques. You can get 30-day trial version of this software if you go online and download it. This astrology software also comments about another kind of astrology system. Just ignore it, because it is not useful for our purpose. However, I also use Haydn’s Jyotish for determining Shadbala i.e., the strength of the planets, which is not calculated by Jyotish Tools. Haydn’s Jyotish ( is also an excellent source for the longitudes and latitudes of thousands of cities around the world.

Another program “Sri Jyoti Star” v6, is not only very accurate in its calculations but also very good in displaying the data that we need for our purposes on one sheet.  This program is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price. Here also the demo version is available for 30 days.