Selecting Stocks

How to Pick Leader Stocks using Vedic Astrology

Here I am going to reveal a two-step process I use to select stocks for investing. This simple process does not pick all of the winners of the stock market. But the stocks it picks have a very high probability of becoming the stock market leaders at one time or the other. If one invests in these stocks using some kind of technical analysis such as MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) on a weekly chart, one can achieve much better performance than the market averages.

Here are the two rules. Both the rules should be present in the astro-chart to select a stock.

1. A planet present in the first house of the astro-chart should either be first house lord, or first house star lord or Yogi planet.

In other words there should be a planet in the ascendant, and it should be ascendant lord or Sookshma lord of the ascendant or yogi planet (as defined by Seshadri Iyer). If the ascendant star lord or yogi planet is also exalted or in own sign, the stock becomes market leader quickly. Also note that the longitude of this planet should ideally be very close to the ascendant degree, but the planet cannot be more than 15 degrees away from the ascendant longitude. For example, if the ascendant is 4 degrees of Leo, the longitude of the planet should be less than 19 degrees in Leo. Or if the ascendant is 18 degrees of Capricorn, the longitude of the planet should be more than 3 degrees in Capricorn.

2. There should be a connection between Jupiter and Saturn in the chart.

In other words either Jupiter should aspect Saturn, or Saturn should aspect Jupiter, or both the planets should aspect each other, or they should be present in each other’s Sign, or they should both be strong and well placed. Please note that I am talking about aspects used in Vedic Astrology. Here also, the longitude difference between the two planets is very important. Smaller the difference, better it is, but it should not be more than 15 degrees. Also note that all planetary longitudes are given with regards to Sidereal zodiac, not Tropical Zodiac.

Here are the winners of the past from a list of 500 astro-charts I studied.

Google, Inc. GOOG. 8/19/2004, 6:30AM, PDT, Mountain view, CA.

Leo ascendant (2°34’), its lord Sun is in the first house (2°58’). Saturn (Gemini 28°08’) aspects Jupiter (Leo 28°17’).

Amazon, AMZN. 5/15/1997, 6:30AM, PDT, Seattle, WA.

Taurus Ascendant (17°41’), its lord Venus, who is also Yogi in the first house (12°07’).
Saturn in Pisces (21°52’) and Jupiter is Capricorn (27°06’).

Stericycle, Inc. SRCL. 8/23/1996, 8:30AM, CDT, Lake Forest, IL. This stock, although not well known, produced a gain of 30 times between 2000 and 2012.

Virgo ascendant (3°38’), its lord Mercury is in the first house (4°05’). Saturn (Pisces 12°33’) aspects Jupiter (Sagittarius 14°12’).

Apple Inc, AAPL. 12/12/1980, 6:30AM, PST, San Francisco, CA.

Scorpio Ascendant (22°41’), its ascendant star lord Mercury is in the first house (26°49’). The Yogi Sun (27°10’) is also in the first house. Saturn in Virgo (14°59’) conjuncts Jupiter (14°00’).

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, REGN. 4/2/1991, 9:30AM, EST, Tarrytown, NY.

Gemini Ascendant (2°48’), its ascendant star lord Mars is in the first house (6°02’).
Saturn in Capricorn (11°31’) aspects Jupiter in Cancer (9°49’). Note, both Saturn and Jupiter are strong also.

Texas Instruments, TXN. 10/1/1953, 9:00AM, CDT, Dallas, TX.

Libra Ascendant (4°55’), Yogi Mercury in the first house (2°11’). Jupiter in Gemini (2°57’) aspects exalted Saturn in Libra (4°16’).

There are many more examples, such as ISRG, PCYC, SSYS, EQIX, MDVN, INTC, CONN, BIDU, HPQ, DLTR, V, MLNX, MNST, CRM, TROW, DAR, RRC, CPHD, PNRA etc. I will let the readers test them out themselves.

I must add that this method, as any other method, also fails once in a while. A few examples I could find are ENTR, BSFT and ZNGA. These stocks have not performed so far. But who knows, they can thrive in future. The stocks PCYC, MDVN, REGN also remained dormant for years until the biotech sector started blossoming.

Here is a list of relatively new stocks, which passes both the tests. You may invest in them keeping in mind your investment style and using some timing method such as moving averages.

Facebook (FB), Tesla Motors (TSLA), Kohlberg Kravis (KKR), Nationstar Mortgage (NSM), Exelixis Inc (EXEL), Nvidia Corp (NVDA), Twitter Inc (TWTR), Trip Advisor (TRIP), (JD) and Arista Network (ANET).