Astro-Chart of the Month

October 2017

Roku Inc. (ROKU)

Roku inc came out as a public company only 2 days ago. Today I am writing about it because I am quite impressed with its astro-chart.

Mercury, the lord of first house is in the first house. This is a big plus for any chart. The first house is hemmed by two major benefics, Venus in the twelfth house and and Jupiter in the second house. This constitutes Adhi-yoga, a very powerful and beneficial combination. The yogi planet is Sun and duplicate yogi is Mercury. Both are present in the first house. The yogi point is also present near the ascendant, yogi and duplicate yogi.


Among other useful and notable features are: Duplicate yogi Mercury in Yogi, Sun star, Venus is in its own star, Moon has dik-bala although hemmed between Saturn and Ketu, Avayogi Saturn is badly placed in the third house.

I therefore have great hopes from this stock. Please do your own discretion and study before deciding to go in for this stock, as it has already doubled in 2 days.



Starbux became a public company on 6/26/1992 at a price of $0.65 adjusted for dividends and splits. The price today is $91.65. This amounts to an increase of 141 times in 22 years. Let us look at its first trade day chart.

As usual I look at the yogi planet, its placement and its strength first. The yogi Mars is in its own sign Aries, in the 11th house. It is also conjunct second house lord Moon very closely. This combination of planets is also aspected by functional benefic Jupiter. Yogi Mars is present in the star of Venus, which is the duplicate yogi. So the Yogi is as strong as it is possible in a chart.

Next I look at the first house, its lords and the residents of the first house. The lord is present in the second house but first Bhava in Shripati house system, and duplicate yogi Venus is present in the first house. Next I look at the Jupiter. Jupiter rules the seventh and tenth house and aspects Moon and Mars exactly. The moon and Mars are also conjunct closely and form well known wealth-producing Chander-Mangal yoga. So almost all the planets are strong and well placed. It should also be noted that three planets Mars,  Moon and Jupiter are in the stars of Venus, which is a duplicate yogi. This relationship between Jupiter, Moon and Venus is always very helpful for producing wealth.

Finally Saturn the ruler of eighth house is in its own sign and not aspecting any planet. Rahu and Ketu are also well placed and their sign-lords and functioning well in this chart. There is not even a single negative feature in the chart.

Last time I wrote about Chipotle Mexican Grill, I mentioned about a stock, which had very similar astrological characteristics. This stock is working as expected, and I plan to hold it for a long time. Is there any recent stock that has similar characteristics to SBUX? In my opinion, yes there is one. Its name is Lending Club, LC. It has very strong and well placed Yogi in the form of Jupiter, who is helping Moon, Mercury and Sun. I bought it recently and plan to hold for few years.

September 2014


This stock has recently come to the market on September 19. People were so excited that they sold many winners to raise enough money to buy as much of this stock as possible. Since in my view no other method can look into the future as good as Astrology, I decided to do careful and thorough analysis of this stock before it came to the market.

As usual I started with the most beneficial planet (Yogi) in the chart. Mercury is well placed, in its own sign Virgo, but in Avayogi (malefic) star. This makes Mercury a good planet but not excellent. Duplicate yogi is Jupiter, which is present in the yogi planet’s star. Jupiter is also exalted and is present in close proximity to strong Moon. This combination alone can make this stock a super performer. This strong and beneficial Jupiter aspects Mars (Avayogi planet) and Ketu, thus lessening their malefic nature to some extent. Another planet of importance is Venus. Venus in this chart is lord of the Ascendant and is located in the fourth house where it attains the directional strength. Furthermore two planets (Saturn and Jupiter) are exalted and two planets (Mars and Mercury) are in their own signs.

Overall this is going to be an excellent performer, especially in first two or three years. I would like to compare its performance to the performance of MA (master card) and BIDU (Baidu), which had similar planetary system of strong Jupiter, Moon and Venus. BABA will correct like all other good stocks after a while, or if and when the market corrects. So, although this is an excellent stock, one should invest in it with open eyes.

As you know I have written very favorably about If I had to compare JD and BABA, I will chose JD for the long run (5-10 years) and BABA for short term (2-3 Years).

August 2014

Chipotle Mexican Grill, (CMG)

This month I am going to write about a stock, which clearly shows the usefulness of the astro-charts. It is only the Astrological analysis that would have strongly suggested at the time of an IPO that this stock has an enormous potential. The stock is Chipotle Mexican Grill. This stock produced 3000% between its IPO date (2006)and 2014. Here is the chart of this stock. CMG

When I look at any astro-chart the first thing I look at is the Yogi (most beneficial) planet. It should be strong, well placed and influencing other planets. Here the Yogi planet Venus exhibits a unique feature of being so close to the yogi point. Venus is at 23º19’ of the sign Sagittarius and the Yogi point is at 17º08’ of the same sign. Venus is situated in its own star Purva-Asharda, and it exchanges its sign with Jupiter, duplicate yogi. Retrogradation also adds to its strength.

The second thing I look at an astro-chart is the lord of the first house. Here, the lord of first house is Saturn. It is in the seventh house where it gains directional-strength. Moreover it aspects the first house exactly. Compare the longitudes of Saturn and that of the Ascendant. Saturn also aspects Ketu, Sun and Mercury exactly.

The next I look at Jupiter. Jupiter, being a planet of growth should influence (conjunct or aspect) a few planets. Exact influence is better than close, which is better than the wide influence. Here Jupiter aspects its friend Mars exactly. Compare the longitudes of both the planets.

The last thing I do is to see if there are any unique features in the table of Rashi-chart. Here I find Moon exchanging stars with Ketu, which are the members of the same friendly triplet (Jupiter-Moon-Ketu). Three planets including Yogi Venus, duplicate yogi Jupiter and ascendant lord Saturn occupy their own stars. WOW.

Now look at its D-4 (Turyasha). You see four exalted planets in the centers. I have never seen such a D-4 before!

So this astro-chart has everything of superb quality I need in a stock. No wonder this stock has produced so much gains in the first 8 years of its existence.  

Now the question is: Is there any new stock that has similar astrological features? Because even if Chipotle or Google has gone tremendously up in the last 8 or 10 years, they may not be able to repeat the performance in the next 8 or 10 years. The answer is yes. In my view (JD) is a stock that shows similar wonderful astrological combinations. I would therefore suggest my readers to carefully look at this stock.

December 2013

Google Inc, GOOG

 It was my intention to write about one stock-chart a month, which I could not follow for some reasons. I am now going to resume my commitment with my top rated stock, Google. It came to public in 2004 at $85 a share, and it is now more than $1050 a share.

 This change represents 12 times growth of value in 9 years, a phenomenal feat by any means.

 The most remarkable feature of this astro-chart is that it has a sign Leo in the ascendant with its lord Sun also present in the ascendant. The Sun is the source of all life and energy and represents the leadership qualities. If you look at the longitude of the ascendant (2:34) and Sun (2:58), you will find that they are very close to each other. Thus the Sun is at the top of the chart.

Here is the astro-chart of the stock

The other remarkable feature is the exact aspect of Saturn (28:08) from 11th house on Jupiter (28:17) in the first house. After looking at hundred of astro-charts of stocks, I have found that close association of Saturn and Jupiter produces remarkably innovative companies. The presence of Saturn in 11th house clearly indicates the amount wealth this company generates in its operations.

  Other thing to note in this chart is that the ascendant and four planets (Sun, Mars, Mercury and Rahu) occupy the Ketu nakshatras. Thus the dominant planet of this chart is Ketu. Every planet has been ascribed to many attributes. One of the notable characteristics of Ketu is that it represents “extreme wealth producers”. Google does exactly that.

 The stock at this time is running though a major-period of Mars. Mars is a raj-yoga producing planet for Leo ascendant, because it rules 4th and 9th houses. Mars is also a duplicate yogi in this chart, which adds to the positive strength of the planet. One can therefore expect better than market performance from Google during the Mars major-period, which started on April 2011 and would end on April 2018.

 I would buy this buy stock whenever a correction occurs in the market.


September 2012

Philip Morris Int, PM

Philip Morris International is my core holding along with AAPL and AGNC. So far this trio has given me excellent results in the last few years. All these stocks were picked up strictly on the basis of the astrological considerations. I have discussed the chart of AAPL on this website. Today I will write about PM, then I will write about AGNC next month. Philip Morris is a very old company, which is now called Altria.  Altria spun off Philip Morris International on March 17, 2008. Its HQ is in New York and the operation center is in  Lausanne, Switzerland, which oversees the operations in more than 160 countries. Its state of incorporation is Virginia, USA.

Click the chart to view full size

The most interesting feature of this chart is that it has 3 strong planets in their own signs. Moon in Cancer in fourth house with Dik-bala is perhaps the most appealing. Next is Jupiter in Mool-trikona sign in the ninth house. Lastly, Rahu in Aquarius is also considered to be in its own sign. The yogi planet is also Moon. A well placed and strong yogi is always a boon to any chart. The Moon is also well placed in D-4. The stock came to public with Saturn/Rahu period, which has now ended. The period of Mercury has just started, which runs for 17 years. Mercury is lord of third and sixth house. It is therefore certainly a negative planet. Mercury is in Shatabhisha star of Rahu, which is also a negative planet. A negative planet in a negative star gives good results. I therefore expect this period of 17 years to be very good for this stock. It is also noteworthy that Mercury in this chart is both a duplicate yogi and Avayogi. This indicates that this stock may not be a super performer, but if it falls for some reason, it will come back with time. It is for this reason I think that it should be held through good and bad times. Also look at the close association of Mercury with its fast friend Venus and close aspect of another friend Saturn. Thus Mercury has full support in the planetary environment. On the divisional charts side, Mercury makes Shubh-Sankhya yoga with Jupiter in D-4. All other planets are well placed and without any significant stress. For these reasons I think this stock should be in any portfolio for a long time.


August 2012

I will start with the astro-chart of Facebook, FB. Face book is a popular company, which became public on May 18, 2012. There were a lot of expectations from this stock, which did not materialize due to the discrepancies that occurred during the initial public offering. This can be easily seen from the fact that the IPO was done close to the solar eclipse (May 20). The popularity of this stock is evident from the presence of retrograde Venus very close to the ascendant point.

Click the chart to view full size


This Venus is a yogi planet and also the ruler of ascendant. Therefore one should expect this stock to do well in the long run. The main–period of Venus will start in 2015. The company is now running the period of Ketu (south node), which is a negative planet in a negative star (Rohini) of Moon, and thus expected to yield good results. But because it is in its fallen sign Taurus, one cannot expect great performance from this stock in this period. I therefore expect this company to take the intervening time (now to 2015) to set things up for being a good stock from 2015 onwards. I would certainly wait to see the performance of the stock for a couple of years before investing in it.

Next month I plan to write about Philip Morris.