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If you are interested in learning financial astrology slowly, please contact me. I have written all the material in 2 sections. First section deals with the basics of Hindu astrology and the second section with financial astrology. The two sections are fully expanded into a total of 21 chapters. I can send you these lessons one by one by e-mail. You learn at your speed asking questions and getting personal attention on the way. There will be small fees attached to this correspondence type of course.  You may request the first lesson, which is free. 

Here is the description of the lessons.

SECTION I – Basics of Astrology

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2 & 3: Signs

Lesson 4-5: Houses

Lesson 6-8: Planets

Lesson 9: Relationship between Planets

Lesson 10: Astronomical side of Astrology

Lesson 11: Strengths & weaknesses of Planets

Lesson 12: Timing System of Astrology & Powerful Combinations of Planets

Lesson 13: How to construct a chart

SECTION II – Investing in US Stock market

Lesson 14: Astrology-chart of a Company

Lesson 15: Selecting Right stocks for Investment

Lesson 16-17: Timing of Investment in Stocks

Lesson 18: Determining major trends in the stock market

Lesson 19: Determining monthly and weekly trends in Stock Market

Lesson 20: Alternate Investment Vehicles (ETF’s, Gold, and Bitcoin)

Lesson 21: Some Useful Technical Analysis Ideas

Please note that, although Section II is written for the US stock market, the principles can be applied to any market, Indian or British, etc.


Comments from two students who have just completed the course:

This financial astrology course is a gold mine. It explains the fundamentals of astrology as well as stock market methods and techniques in a very simple and efficient manner. My investment returns have already been improved and my confidence in stock selection and timing have increased tremendously. I am sure things will continuously improve going forward with more practice and experience.  H.S.

My name is Chris and I am in the business of international trade for the last 35 years. In my personal life, I was astonished by two competent astrologers who accurately laid down the story of my life up to that moment. I wondered whether their technique could also be applied to financial and investment matters. To this end, I contacted Raj Chadha and took his financial astrology course.

I strongly recommend Raj’s astrology course and unconventional wisdom to anyone interested in adding financial astrology to their investment due diligence. Personally speaking, I have only benefited from it. 

Aug 31 – Sep 04, 2020

A few weeks ago, I changed the format of this page. Instead of giving daily predictions, I am now writing about the shorter periods of the week. The basis is the compressed-vimshottri-dasha (CVD) planet in the monthly Solar return chart (mSRC).

My prediction last week was correct as SP500 gained nearly 100 points, as I was expecting a higher market. 

Here is the expected breakdown of the week of  August 31, 2020 – September 04, 2020.

The CVD planet for the period August 30 – September 03 is Rahu. Rahu is placed in the 6th house with no aspect from any benefic or malefic planet. This is not a good configuration and could result in a lower market.  

The CVD planet for the period September 04 -September 08 is Jupiter. Jupiter rules the 12th house and is situated in the 1st house in the sign Capricorn. Jupiter gets the influence of  Venus in the 7th house. This setup is good for the market and can result in higher values for the indexes.

Overall this week the S&P 500 may go LOWER, because the market may be down 4 days and up only 1 day.

The week after that may start with a higher day on September 08, 2020.


Note: This forecast is strictly based on astrological considerations. This is only for academic interest and not intended for trading.


Tracking of Forecasts


Made on For the Period Forecast How it happened Right/Wrong/??
      S&P500 Range  
2CCd test 2CCd test 2CCd test 2CCd test 2CCd test
CCd test CCd test CCd test CCd test CCd test
10/15/2021 Nov 19 – Dec 18 Lower 4670-  
9/15/2021 Oct 19 – Nov 18 Flat 4420-4670 Wrong
8/15/2021 Sept 19 – Oct 18 Bearish 4470-4420 Right
7/15/2021 Aug 19 – Sept 18 Slightly Bullish 4400-4470 Right
6/15/2021 July 19 – Aug 18 Bearish 4327-4400 Wrong
5/15/2021 June 18 – July 17 Slightly Bullish 4199-4327 Right
4/15/2021 May 17 – June 17 Bearish 4173-4199 Wrong
3/15/2021 Apr 16 – May 16 Slightly Bullish 4170-4173 Not Wrong
2/15/2021 Mar 17 – Apr 15 Slightly Bullish 3962-4170 Right
1/15/2021 Feb 15 – Mar 16 Slightly Bullish 3934-3962 Right
12/15/2020 Jan 17 – Feb 14 Slightly Bullish 3768-3934 Right
11/15/2020 Dec 18 – Jan 16/2021 Mixed/Flat 3720-3768 Not Wrong
10/15/2020 Nov 18 – Dec 17 Bullish 3600-3720 Right
9/15/2020 Oct 20 – Nov 17 Slightly Bearish 3450-3600 Wrong
8/15/2020 Sep 19 – Oct 19 Slightly Bullish 3320-3450 Right
7/15/2020 Aug 19 – Sep 18 Slightly Bullish 3380-3320 Not  Wrong
6/15/2020 Jul 19 – Aug 18 Slightly Bullish 3220-3380 Right
5/15/2020 Jun 19 – Jul 18 Slightly Bullish 3090-3220 Right
4/15/2020 May 20 – Jun 19 Flat/Mixed 2930-3090 Not Wrong
4/15/2020 Apr 19 – May 19 Slightly Bullish 2875-2930 Right
2/15/2020 Mar 19 – Apr 18 Slightly Bearish 2400-2875 Wrong
1/15/2020 Feb 19 – Mar 18 Bearish 3370-2400 Right
12/25/2019 Jan 20 – Feb 18 Bearish 3330-3370 Wrong
12/15/2019 Dec 22 – Jan 19/2020 Slightly Bullish 3220-3330 Right
10/20/2019 Nov 22 – Dec 21 Slightly Bearish 3110-3220 Wrong
9/20/2019 Oct 23 – Nov 21 Slightly Bullish 3004-3110 Right
8/20/2019 Sept 23 – Oct 22 Slightly Bullish 2990-3004 Right
7/20/2019 Aug 23 – Sept 23 Slightly Bullish 2925-2990 Right
6/20/2019 July 22 – July 20 Slightly Bullish 2975-2925 Not Wrong
5/21/2019 June 21 – July 21 Mixed/Flat 2950-2975 Right
5/10/2019 May 21 – June 20 Slightly Bullish 2840-2950 Right
5/05/2019 May 06 – May 20 Slightly Bearish 2945-2840 Right
4/15/2019 Apr 16 – May 05 Slightly Bullish 2905-2945 Right
3/10/2019 Mar 27 – Apr 15 Slightly Bearish 2818-2905 Wrong
1/25/2019 Mar 03 – Mar 26 Slightly Bullish 2803-2818 Right
12/25/2018 Feb 06 – Mar 02 Bearish 2737-2803 Wrong
11/25/2018 Dec 19 – Feb 05/2019 Bullish 2550-2737 Right
10/26/2018 Nov 25 – Dec 18 Flat/Mixed 2630-2550 Wrong
10/04/2018 Oct 26 – Nov 23 Bearish 2660-2630 Right
09/05/2018 Oct 04 – Oct 25 Mixed/Flat 2920-2660 Wrong
08/18/2018 Sept 05 – Oct 03 Bullish 2900-2920 Right
08/01/2018 Aug 18 – Sep 04 Bullish 2850-2900 Right
7/06/2018 Aug 02 – Aug 17 Bearish 2810-2850 Wrong
6/09/2018 Jul 05 – Aug 01 Bullish 2760-2810 Right
5/14/2018 Jun 09 – Jul 04 Slightly Bullish 2780-2760 Wrong
4/19/2018 May 15 – Jun 08 Mixed/Flat 2720-2780 Wrong
3/27/2018 Apr 20 – May 14 Mixed/Flat 2710-2720 Right
3/01/2018 Mar 26 – Apr 19 Slightly Bullish 2590-2710 Right
2/05/2018 Mar 02 – Mar 25 Slightly Bearish 2690-2590 Right
1/15/2018 Feb 06 – Mar 01 Slightly Bearish 2765-2690 Right
12/20/2017 Jan 13 – Feb 05 Mixed/Flat 2785-2765 Right
12/01/2017 Dec 21 – Jan 12/2018 Bullish 2680-2785 Right
11/01/2017 Nov 27 – Dec 20 Mixed/Flat 2600-2680 Wrong
10/09/2017 Nov 02 – Nov 26 Bullish 2580-2600 Right
09/16/2017 Oct 09 – Nov 02 Bearish 2550-2580 Wrong
08/21/2017 Sept 15 – Oct 08 Slightly Bearish 2495-2550 Wrong
07/26/2017 Aug 21 – Sep 14 Slightly Bullish 2450-2495 Right
06/29/2017 July 27 – Aug 20 Mixed/Flat 2475-2450 Right
05/28/2017 Jun 30 – July 26 Slightly higher 2420-2475 Right
04/28/2017 Jun 01 – Jun 29 Mixed/Flat 2410-2420 Right
04/01/2017 Apr 28 – May 31 Slightly Bullish 2380-2410 Right
03/01/2017 Mar 28 – Apr 27 Slightly Bullish 2340-2380 Right
02/01/2017 Mar 01 – Mar 27 Mixed/Flat 2360-2340 Right
12/27/2016 Jan 28 – Feb 28 Bullish 2290-2360 Right
12/01/2016 Dec 28 – Jan 27/2017 Bearish 2260-2290 Wrong
11/06/2016 Dec 03 – Dec 28 Slightly Bullish 2191-2260 Right
10/12/2016 Nov 07 – Dec 02 Slightly Bullish 2085-2191 Right
9/18/2016 Oct 13 – Nov 06 Slightly Bearish 2138-2085 Right
8/18/2016 Sept 18 – Oct 12 Bullish 2139-2138 Not Wrong
8/01/2016 Aug 25 – Sept 17 Volatile/Lower 2175-2139 Right
7/18/2016 Aug 01 – Aug 24 Flat 2173-2175 Right
6/18/2016 July 19 – Aug 01 Slightly Bullish 2160-2173 Right
5/18/2016 June 19 – July 18 Slightly Bullish 2070-2160 Right
01/18/2016 Feb 16 – Mar 16 Bearish 1860-2070 Wrong
12/18/2015 Jan 17 – Feb 15 Slightly Bearish 1880-1860 Right
11/18/2015 Dec 19 – Jan 16/2016 Slightly Bullish 2005-1880 Wrong
10/18/2015 Nov 19 – Dec 18 Slightly Bullish 2083-2005 Wrong
09/19/2015 Oct 19 – Nov 18 Bullish 2033-2083 Right
08/18/2015 Sept 19 – Oct 19 Slightly Bearish 1958-2033 Wrong
07/17/2015 Aug 20 – Sept 19 Slightly Bullish 2096-1958 Wrong
06/17/2015 July 18 – August 18 Slightly Bullish 2120-2096 Not wrong
05/16/2015 June 18 – July 17 Slightly Bearish 2100-2120 Wrong
04/16/2015 May 18 – June 17 Bearish 2122-2100 Right
03/15/2015 Apr 17 – May 17 Flat/Slightly Bullish 2105-2122 Right
02/15/2015 Mar 17 – Apr 16 Slightly Bullish 2081-2105 Right
01/17/2015 Feb 16 – Mar 16 Bullish 2090-2081 Not wrong
12/18/2014 Jan 17 – Feb 15 Slightly Bullish 2020-2090 Right
11/19/2014 Dec 19 – 01/16/2015 Slightly Bullish 2060-2020 Wrong
10/19/2014 Nov 19 – Dec 18 Mixed/Flat 2050-2060 Right
09/19/2014 Oct 20 – Nov 18 Slightly Bullish 1886-2050 Right
08/31/2014 Oct 01 – Oct 20 Bearish 1972-1886 Right
08/23/2014 Sept 01 – Sept 30 Bullish  2003-1972 Wrong
06/30/2014 Aug 01 – Aug 31 Bearish 1925-2003 Wrong
05/31/2014 July 01 – July 30 Slightly Bullish 1960-1925 Right
04/30/2014 June 01 – June 30 Bullish 1920-1960 Right
03/31/2014 May 01 – May 31 Slightly Bullish 1880-1920 Right
02/16/2014 April 1 – April 30 Bearish 1870-1880 Not wrong
01/17/2014 Feb 17 – Mar 31 Slightly Bullish 1840-1870 Right
12/19/2013 Jan 17 – Feb 16 Slightly Bullish 1845-1840 Not Wrong
11/19/2013 Dec 18 – 01/16/2014 Bullish 1810-1845 Right
10/20/2013 Nov 19 – Dec 18 Slightly Bullish 1790-1810 Right
09/20/2013 Oct 20 – Nov 18 Up & Down 1745-1790 Right
08/20/2013 Sept 19 – Oct 19 Slightly Bullish 1725-1745 Right
07/18/2013 Aug 19 – Sept 18 Bearish 1656-1725 Wrong
06/18/2013 July 19 – Aug 18 Mildly Bearish 1690-1656 Right
05/15/2013 June 17 – July 18 Up & Down 1626-1690 Right
04/20/2013 May 17 – June 16 Mildly Bullish 1650-1626  Wrong
04/01/2013 April 16 – May 16 Mildly Bullish 1552-1650 Right
03/01/2013 Mar 17 – Apr 15 Up & Down 1560-1552 Right
01/15/2013 Feb 15 – Mar 17 Bullish 1520-1560 Right
12/17/2012 Jan 16 – Feb 14 Mildly Bearish 1470-1520 Wrong
11/17/2012 Dec 18 – Jan 15/2013 Bearish 1430-1470 Wrong
10/30/2012 Nov 18 – Dec 17 Mildly Bullish 1360-1430 Right
9/12/2012 Oct 19 – Nov 17 Mildly bearish 1460-1360 Right
9/12/2012 Sept 19 – Oct 18 Up & Down 1460-1460 Right
8/12/2012 Aug 19 – Sept 18 Mildly Bullish 1415-1460 Right
7/10/2012 July 15 – Aug 18 Mildly Bullish 1350-1415 Right
6/20/2012 June 20 – July 15 Bearish  1360-1350  Right



Made on For the Week Forecast How it happened   Right/Wrong/??
      S&P500 Range  
11/21/2021 Nov 22 – Nov 26 Lower 4697.96-4594.62 Right
11/14/2021 Nov 15 – Nov 19 Slightly Higher 4682.85-4697.96 Right
11/07/2021 Nov 08 – Nov 12 Slightly Lower 4697.53-4682.85 Right
10/31/2021 Nov 01 – Nov 05 Slightly Higher 4605.38-4697.53 Right
10/24/2021 Oct 25 – Oct 29 Slightly Higher 4544.90-4605.38 Right
10/17/2021 Oct 18 – Oct 22 Higher 4471.37-4544.90 Right
10/10/2021 Oct 11 – Oct 15 Slightly Lower 4391.34-4471.37 Wrong
10/03/2021 Oct 04 – Oct 08 Slightly Higher 4357.04-4391.34 Right
09/28/2021 Sep 27 – Oct 01 Flat 4455.48-4357.04 Wrong
09/21/2021 Sep 20 – Sep 24 Slightly Lower 4432.99-4455.48 Wrong
09/14/2021 Sep 13 – Sep 17 Slightly Lower 4458.58-4432.99 Right
09/05/2021 Sep 06 – Sep 10 Flat 4535.737-4458.58 Wrong
08/28/2021 Aug 30 – Sep 03 slightly higher 4509.77-4535.43 Right
08/21/2021 Aug 23 – Aug 27 slightly higher 4441.67-4509.77 Right
08/14/2021 Aug 16 – Aug 20 Flat 4468.00-4441.67 Not wrong
08/07/2021 Aug 09 – Aug 13 Slightly Higher 4436.57-4468.00 Right
08/01/2021 Aug 02 – Aug 06 Slightly Lower 4395.26-4436.57 Wrong
07/25/2021 July 26 – July 30 Slightly Lower 4411.79-4395.26 Right
07/18/2021 July 19 – July 23 Slightly higher 4327.16-4411.79 Right
07/11/2021 July 12 – July 16 Flat 4369.55-4327.16 Wrong
07/04/2021 July 05 – July 09 Higher 4352.34-4369.55 Right
06/27/2021 June 28 – July 02 Higher 4280.70-4352.34 Right
06/20/2021 June 21 – June 25 Slightly lower 4166.45-4280.70 Wrong
06/13/2021 June 14 – June 18 Flat 4247.44-4166.45 Wrong
06/06/2021 June 07 – June 11 Slightly Higher 4229.89-4247.44 Right
05/28/2021 May 31 – June 04 Lower 4204.11-4229.89 wrong
05/23/2021 May 24 – May 28 Higher 4155.86-4204.11 Right
05/16/2021 May 17 – May 21 Slightly Higher 4173.85-4155.86 Wrong
05/09/2021 May 10 – May 14 Slightly Higher 4232.60-4173.85 Wrong
05/02/2021 May 3 – May 07 Flat 4181.17-4232.60 Not Wrong
04/25/2021 Apr 26 – Apr 29 Higher 4180.17-4181.17 Not wrong
04/18/2021 Apr 19 – Apr 23 Flat 4185.47-4180.17 Right
04/11/2021 Apr 12 – Apr 16 Flat 4128.80-4185.47 Not wrong
04/04/2021 Apr 05 – Apr 09 Slightly Higher 4019.87-4128.80 Right
03/28/2021 Mar 29 – Apr 02 Slightly Higher 3974.54-4019.87 Right
03/21/2021 Mar 22 – Mar 26 Slightly Higher 3913.10-3974.54 Right
03/14/2021 Mar 15 – Mar 19 Slightly Lower 3943.34-3913.10 Right
03/07/2021 Mar 08 – Mar 12 Higher 3841.94-3943.34 Right
02/28/2021 Mar 01 – Mar 05 Slightly Higher 3811.15-3841.94 Right
02/21/2021 Feb 22 – Feb 26 Slightly Lower 3907.71-3811.15 Not wrong
02/14/2021 Feb 15 – Feb 19 Flat 3934.83-3906.71 Right
02/07/2021 Feb 08 – Feb 12 Slightly Higher 3886.83-3934.83 Right
01/31/2021 Feb 01 – Feb 05 Slightly Higher 3714.24-3886.83 Right
01/24/2021 Jan 25 – Jan 29 Slightly Higher 3841.37-3714.24 Wrong
01/17/2021 Jan 18 – Jan 22 Slightly Higher 3768.25-3841.37 Right
01/10/2021 Jan 11 – Jan 15 Flat 3824.68-3768.25 Not Wrong
01/03/2021 Jan 04 – Jan 08 Lower 3756.07-3824.68 Wrong
12/27/2020 Dec 28 – Dec 31 Flat 3703.06-3756.07 Not Wrong
12/20/2020 Dec 21 – Dec 25 Flat 3709.41-3703.06 Not Wrong
12/13/2020 Dec 14 – Dec 18 Slightly Higher 3663.46-3709.41 Right
12/06/2020 Dec 07 – Dec 11 Slightly Higher 36399.12-3663.46 Wrong
11/29/2020 Nov 30 – Dec 04 Higher 3638.35-3699.12 Right
11/22/2020 Nov 23 – Nov 27 Higher 3557.50-3638.35 Right
11/15/2020 Nov 16 – Nov 20 Higher 3585.14-3557.50 Wrong
11/08/2020 Nov 09 – Nov 13 Higher 3509.44-3585.15 Right
11/01/2020 Nov 02 – Nov 06 Lower 3269.96-3509.44 Wrong
10/25/2020 Oct 26 – Oct 30 Flat 3465.39-3269.96 Wrong
10/18/2020 Oct 19 – Oct 23 Flat 3483.81-3465.39 Not Wrong
10/11/2020 Oct 12 – Oct 16 Flat 3477.13-3483.81 Right
10/04/2020 Oct 05 – Oct 09 Slightly Lower 3348.44-3477.13 Wrong
09/27/2020 Sept 28 – Oct 02 Slightly Higher 3298.46-3348.44 Right
09/20/2020 Sept 21 – Sept 25 Slightly Lower 3319.47-3298.44 Right
09/13/2020 Sep 14 – Sept 18 Slightly Lower 3340.97-3319.47 Right
09/05/2020 Sep 06 – Sept 10 Slightly higher 3426.96-3340.97 Wrong
08/30/2020 Aug 31 – Sept 04 Lower 3508.01-3426.96 Right
08/23/2020 Aug 24 – Aug 28 Slightly Higher 3397,16-3508.01 Right
08/16/2020 Aug 17 – Aug 21 Slightly Higher 3372.85-3397.16 Right
08/09/2020 Aug 10 – Aug 14 Slightly Lower 3351.28-3372.85 Wrong
08/02/2020 Aug 03 – Aug 07 Slightly higher 3271.22-3351.28 Right
07/26/2020 Jul 27 – Jul 31 Slightly higher 3215.63-3271.22 Right
07/19/2020 Jul 20 – Jul 24 Flat 3224.73-3215.63 Not Wrong
07/12/2020 Jul 13 – Jul 17 Flat 3185.04-3224.73 Not Wrong
07/05/2020 Jul 06 – Jul 10 Slightly Higher 3130.01-3185.04 Right
06/28/2020 Jun 29 – Jul 03 Higher 3009.05-3130.01 Right
06/21/2020 Jun 22 – Jun 26 Slightly Higher 3097.50-3009.05 Wrong
06/14/2020 Jun 15 – Jun 19 Higher 3041.31-3097.50 Right
06/07/2020 Jun 08 – Jun 12 Higher 30193.93-3041.31 Wrong
05/29/2020 Jun 01 – Jun 05 Higher 3044.31-3193.93 Right
05/22/2020 May 25 – May 29 Slightly higher 2955.45-3044.31 Right
05/17/2020 May 18 – May 2 Slightly higher 2863.70-2955.45 Right
05/10/2020 May 11 – May 15 Slightly higher 2929.80-2863.70 Wrong
05/03/2020 May 04 – May 08 Slightly higher 2830.71-2929.80 Not wrong
04/26/2020 Apr 27 – May 01 Slightly higher 2836.74-2830.71 Not wrong
04/19/2020 Apr 20 – Apr 24 Slightly higher 2874.56-2836.74 wrong
04/12/2020 Apr 13 – Apr 17 Slightly higher 2789.82-2874.56 Right
03/29/2020 Mar 30 – Apr 03 Higher 2541.47-2488.65 Wrong
03/22/2020 Mar 23 – Mar 27 Mixed 2304.92-2541.47 Wrong
03/15/2020 Mar 16 – Mar 20 Slightly Lower 2711.02-2304.92 Not Wrong
03/08/2020 Mar 09 – Mar 13 Slightly Lower 2972.37-2711.02 Not Wrong
03/01/2020 Mar 02 – Mar 06 Slightly Lower 2954.22-2972.37 Not Wrong
02/23/2020 Feb 24 – Feb 28 Lower 3337.75-2954.22 Right
02/16/2020 Feb 17 – Feb 21 Flat/Mixed 3380.16-3337.75 Wrong
02/09/2020 Feb 10 – Feb 14 Lower 3327.71-3380.16 Wrong
02/02/2020 Feb 03 – Feb 07 Higher 3225.52-3327.71 Right
01/26/2020 Jan 27 – Jan 31 Lower 3295.47-3225.52 Right
01/19/2020 Jan 20 – Jan 24 Lower 3329.62-3295.47 Right
01/12/2020 Jan 13 – Jan 17 Higher 3265.35-3329.62 Right
01/05/2020 Jan 06 – Jan 10 Slightly Lower 3246.15-3265.35 Wrong

Astro-Chart of the Month (HOOD)

HOOD – Robinhood Markets,

A few years ago, I wrote about an IPO, “ROKU,” and predicted that this stock could be a winner. Today I am going to write about another IPO which I think could be a long-term winner. Its name is Robinhood, and its symbol is HOOD. It ipo’ed on 7/29/2021, and its headquarter is located in Menlo Park, CA.

As usual, I start with the ascendant. It has Sun in its own sign, which signifies a popular stock. In the ascendant Leo, Mars is a Raj-yoga Karak, and it is also present in the ascendant. Although Mars is weak by longitude, it is not combust, and it gets the exact aspect of a benefic planet, Jupiter. Mercury, the ruler of the second and eleventh house, is also present in the first house. Mercury gets the strength of direction in the first house. Whenever there is a conjunctional relationship between the rulers of the first and eleventh houses in one of these houses, the stock exhibits the ability to become a successful stock.

This chart also has a robust Saturn in the seventh house. It occupies its own sign Aquarius, and it also gets the strength of direction in the seventh house. Strong Saturn imparts a long life to the stock. This sign also has retrograde Jupiter. The other Air sign Gemini is occupied by Rahu, where Rahu gives favorable results. Thus the signs of innovation, Aquarius and Gemini, are occupied by strong planets. Ketu is also well placed in the sign of its friend Jupiter.

The remaining two planets are not in ideal situations. Moon in the sign Aries in the ninth house is generally good. But it gets the aspect of Saturn. Venus is fallen in the second house. Fortunately, Venus gets exalted in the Navamsha chart (not shown), so it is not that bad. For this reason, one may not put this stock in the category of AAPL, MSFT, ADBE, COIN, etc. But, overall, this is an excellent chart, and one should consider investing for the long run. It gained more than 50% in less than a week. One should therefore wait for a suitable entry point.

COIN – Coinbase Global Inc. 

Coinbase exchange is an exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies. It started trading on 4/14/2021. It is a direct listing and not a traditional IPO. But since it started trading on this date, we can use this date to calculate its chart. Its astrological chart looks like this.

The chart is solid. You can see an exalted Sun in the first house. This indicates that it may be a very popular stock and could easily become a leader stock. The two houses of money have strong planets. The second house has exalted Moon, and the eleventh has Saturn in Aquarius, which is its own sign.

Jupiter occupies the eleventh house. Jupiter influences two malefic planets, Mars and Rahu, in the third house, reducing their malevolence. Interestingly, Jupiter also influences all the Air signs, which means that the Coin-exchange will find innovative ways to adapt itself to any changing environments in the future.

Besides Sun, the ascendant also has Mercury and Venus. Mercury is strong in the first house, but Venus is weak because it is about to change signs and combust. Rahu and Ketu generally give good results in Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively. They are also beneficial here because they are well placed, and their sign-rulers, Mercury and Jupiter, are strong. The exchange of lords of the first and third houses (Mars and Mercury) generally give very successful companies. Strong Saturn shows that it is going to have good longevity, not years, but decades. Saturn is also strong in the Navamsha chart. The Navamsha chart (not shown in the chart above) has two more strong planets, Moon and Mercury.

The starting dasha is of Jupiter, which occupies the eleventh house. This period will continue till June 2024. The next period is a ten years-long period of strong Sun. Needless to say that it would become a leader stock by then, and it would continue to become a stronger and stronger company.

The only stock that comes to mind which has such a robust astrological configuration is AAPL. If the astrological chart of AAPL got 100 marks, the chart of COIN would get 90. It is because Venus is weak in this chart. But if we look at the astrological periods, COIN is starting with a safer period right away, whereas AAPL took quite a few years to exert its superiority.

While comparing it to AAPL, one should treat it like that, a long-term stock. Like AAPL, it will also suffer occasional corrections, maybe severe corrections because Saturn, although strong, influences four planets. But, one should try to buy it at every opportunity. Since it is very high on valuation now, one can wait until it comes down to some reasonable levels. Then, one should buy and hold this stock to pass it on to the next generation.

Please note that these are my views based on astrology. There is no guarantee that it would happen like that.

MELIMercadoLibre, Inc.

Mercado Libre, Inc. is an Argentine company, and is a great free-market play (mercado libre means free market in Spanish) on the growth of e-commerce in Latin America. The company is following the same tried-and-true business model as Amazon, eBay and PayPal. It’s IPO priced at $18 in August 2007 and continuously rising to around $1850 as of Jan 2021, an impressive 100x increase in stock price.

Here is IPO-date astrology chart.

The ascendant lord Venus is in the eleventh house, although weak by degrees, is always good. The lord of second house is Mars is in the house of its enemy Mercury. But it is under the beneficial aspect of strong Jupiter, which is the lord of third house. This Jupiter blesses not only Mars but four planets in the eleventh house to various degrees. These planets include Mercury and the eleventh lord Sun. Moon is another strong planet, which makes tenth house also very strong. Close conjunction of two friends Venus and Saturn is also considered good. The sign-lord of both Rahu and Ketu are strong. All planets are either strong or under the influence of strong Jupiter. Strong planets in third, tenth and eleventh house formed very strong Vasumati Yoga, which can easily overpower a few weaknesses in the chart mentioned earlier. No wonder this stock has produced 42% annualized gain in 13 years.

September 1, 2020


MSCI Inc is another stock that has produced more than 25% annualized since it became public in 2007. This performance is comparable to the stocks like AAPL, ADBE, MSFT, TTD, NVDA etc. although it is not as well-known as them. MSCI Inc., provides investment decision support tools for the clients to manage their investment processes worldwide.


As usual, let us start with the first house. It has Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius. Jupiter generally is very strong in the first house because of the strength of direction. In this case, Jupiter is in its own positive sign, with no influence of any malefic planet. Jupiter is thus extra strong in this chart. It is well known that if there is a strong Jupiter in the ascendant, it alleviates many deficiencies of the chart. The other benefic planet that I look for is Venus. Venus is also extra strong, because once again it is in its own positive sign, and that too in the eleventh house of income. Moon is weak as it is the sign of Saturn and is aspected by weak Mars in the eighth house. Saturn is also not in a good state because of its conjunction with Ketu. Sun and Mercury are present in the twelfth house and aspected by Saturn. But these two planets are hemmed by two strong benefic planets, which make them reasonably well-behaved. Rahu is well placed and its sign-lord Jupiter is strong. Overall this is an extraordinary chart. One can continue to expect solid performance from this stock.

August 1, 2020

The trade Desk, TTD

The trade desk is a provider of a global technology platform for buyers of advertising. It became public in 2016 at $18 per share, and its price today, in less than 4 years, is $430. Let us see if we can see that.


The ascendant is Virgo, with its lord Mercury right there in the first house with north-node. Sun is also present in the first house, which indicates that this company should be recognized right away. The second house of the chart has two benefic planets Venus and Jupiter. Venus is very strong as it is present in its own sign. Jupiter from this house aspects Moon sitting in the tenth house. Thus all three benefic planets are supporting each other. These planets also strengthen the signs of innovation, namely Gemini and Libra. The third and eleventh house do not have any benefic planets, but at least they don’t have any malefic planets either. The malefic north and south nodes are not doing any harm because they are well placed in the Centers and their dispositors are strong. The combination of Mars and Saturn may cause setbacks once in a while. But that would be taken care of timely by the strength and placement of benefic planets.  Young investors who have time on their side should take a note of this stock.

July 4, 2020

Shopify  Inc. (SHOP)


Let us start with the first house as usual. The ascendant is Cancer and its lord Moon is right there. Another benefic planet Venus is sitting very close to it. Therefore ascendant is quite strong along with Moon. Next we look at the second house. It has Jupiter in its friendly sign. The lord of second house appears to be in twelfth house, but in fact it is in the eleventh house. Next we look at the third and eleventh houses. There are no planets in them, but the lord of the eleventh house is in the ascendant and lord of third house is strong in its own sign Gemini. The third house is also influenced by Saturn from the sixth house. Since Saturn rules the eighth house and occupies sixth house, it constitutes Vipreet Raj Yoga. The sign Gemini is strong as it is occupied by its ruler, and a friend Sun, although it also has enemy but Raj-yoga-karak Mars. The sign Aquarius is also aspected by its lord Saturn and Jupiter. It is therefore good. Libra has Rahu, which is also good because its dispositor is in in the ascendant and in good company of Moon. Ketu in Aries in the tenth house is also good as it under the aspect of Jupiter in second house. The opposition of Saturn and Mars and combustion of Mars are not desirable factors. Overall, this is a Four-star not five-star IPO-chart, which is still very very good.


October 2017

Roku Inc. (ROKU)

Roku inc came out as a public company only 2 days ago. Today I am writing about it because I am quite impressed with its astro-chart.


The ascendant is Virgo, with its lord Mercury right there near ascendant longitude. This makes this chart very strong because Mercury is the dispositor of weak Venus and Mars. Second house is also quite good as it is occupied by Jupiter. Since Jupiter is quite far from Sun (22degees) it is not combust, rather shining with the rays of Sun. This shining Jupiter influences signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, making it an innovative company. Saturn in the fourth house is not good as it aspects Ketu in the sixth, and three planets in the first house. Moon is also not good, as it is in the sign of enemy Saturn and is surrounded by 2 malefic planets. As a result there would be intermittent drawdowns. But in spite of all the weaknesses in the chart, this company may go on producing good results, because of the strength of Mercury, which is ultimate dispositor of all planets.

I therefore have great hopes from this stock. Please do your own discretion and study before deciding to go in for this stock, as it has already doubled in 2 days.


June, 20, 2020


Starbux became a public company on 6/26/1992 at a price of $0.32 adjusted for dividends and splits. The price today is $75. This amounts to an increase of 225 times in 28 years. In fact it is more than 300x when count the dividends. Let us look at its first trade day chart.


The ascendant is Cancer with four planets, Sun, Ketu, Venus and Mercury. Venus is combust and Sun is dimmed by the closeness of Ketu. Mercury is also not strong as it is at the edge of the sign. But look at the ascendant lord, Moon. It is exalted in the eleventh house, and in the company of Raj-yoga karak Mars. On top of that Moon is aspected by planet of abundance, Jupiter in the third house. When there are too many planets in one sign, the strength of the planets in the sign can be elevated or diminished by the strength of their dispositor. Strength of the planet Moon thus raises the strength of all planets in Cancer. This set up makes first, third and eleventh houses strong. Moon, Mars and Jupiter constitute wealth-producing Chaadar-Mangal  and Vasumati yogas. There is an exchange of lords of first (Moon) and eleventh (Venus) houses. Such an exchange is always desirable in the astrology charts of stocks.

Second house is also aspected by Mars and strong Saturn from the eighth house. Saturn is strong as it is in its Mool-Trikona sign. Strong Saturn in a chart helps it to survive for long time. Jupiter while in the third house also influences Rahu in the seventh house. Dispositors of both Rahu and Ketu are strong. In the nutshell this is a very strong chart, but one cannot rule out the occasional corrections due to transit of malefic planets in the first or second house.


September 2014


This stock has recently come to the market on September 19. People were so excited that they sold many winners to raise enough money to buy as much of this stock as possible. Since in my view no other method can look into the future as good as Astrology, I decided to do careful and thorough analysis of this stock before it came to the market.


The ascendant is Gemini, and it lord Mercury is in the fifth house in a friendly sign. Such a setup generally produces good stocks. The lord of second house is Moon, which is very strong being in third house in the sign of a friend, and in the company of Jupiter. Third house has two benefic planets, which are friends and support each other in the every possible way. They constitute Vasumati yoga. The sign Aquarius is being influenced by them and the sign Libra is also has a friend in Mercury. Venus is the only planet that appears weak, as it is fallen and combust. But its strength is also increased a bit by exchanging signs with friend Mercury and being in the fourth house. Jupiter sends his blessings to Ketu and Mars.  Rahu has a good company of the ascendant lord. Saturn is weak and badly placed and it casts its shadow on Moon, Jupiter, and third house. The stocks therefore was slow to start, and gets occasional beatings.

August 2014

Chipotle Mexican Grill, (CMG)

This month I am going to write about a stock, which clearly shows the usefulness of the astro-charts. It is only the Astrological analysis that would have strongly suggested at the time of an IPO that this stock has an enormous potential. The stock is Chipotle Mexican Grill. This stock produced 3000% between its IPO date (2006)and 2014. Here is the chart of this stock.


The lord of the first house is in the seventh house and in return aspects the ascendant point closely. The lord of second house is in the tenth house and aspects the second house back. Moon is in the eleventh house and hemmed between two benefic planets Jupiter and Venus. The planet Venus is considered good in the twelfth house. Although there is no planet in own house or exalted, yet they for many form mutual relationships. Jupiter and Mars are present in the central houses and form a relationship by mutually and closely aspecting each other. That is basically mutual aspect of the lords of eleventh and third houses. Sun and Saturn not only exchange signs but also aspect each other. Mars and Saturn also, mutually influence each other. Their relationship is especially good because Saturn rules first and Mars the third house. Both Saturn and Mercury have dik-bala, but Mercury is completely combust in the first house. This is not good. The sign Libra is occupied by Ketu, but Gemini has the influence of benefic Moon.

So this astro-chart has everything of superb quality I need in a stock. No wonder this stock has produced so much gains in the first 8 years of its existence.  


December 2013

Google Inc, GOOG

 It was my intention to write about one stock-chart a month, which I could not follow for some reasons. I am now going to resume my commitment with my top rated stock, Google. It came to public in 2004 at $85 a share, and it is now more than $1050 a share.

 This change represents 12 times growth of value in 9 years, a phenomenal feat by any means.


Ascendant lord Sun is not only in the ascendant but also almost at the same longitude. This is a sign of a very popular stock. Lord of second house is also in the second house. It makes it also quite strong. It is also the lord of the eleventh house and it is making a close conjunction with Mars. Although Mars is its enemy, yet is a Raj-yoga karak in this chart. The planet of abundance Jupiter is also present in the second house. A benefic planet Moon is present in the third house. Although sign Gemini is not occupied by any planet, yet Libra is occupied by Moon and Aquarius is aspected by Sun. A unique yoga is present in the chart. The ascendant is surrounded by benefic planets Venus in the twelfth and Jupiter in the second house. The conjunction of Venus and Saturn is also a meeting of two friends. Venus exchange signs with Moon. Any connection between Venus, Moon and Jupiter is generally good. The malignancy of Rahu and Ketu is reduced because they occupy central houses. Here Saturn does influence more than 3 planets and houses by conjunction or aspect. As a result occasional set back cannot be avoided. But overall this is undoubtedly a leader stock.

 I would buy this buy stock whenever a correction occurs in the market.


September 2012

Philip Morris Int, PM

Philip Morris is a very old company, which is now called Altria.  Altria spun off Philip Morris International on March 17, 2008. Its HQ is in New York and the operation center is in  Lausanne, Switzerland, which oversees the operations in more than 160 countries. Its state of incorporation is Virginia, USA.

Earlier I studied this chart made with Sidereal Zodiac using Lahiri Ayanamsha. It was my core holding as Moon was very strong in the fourth house of this chart. Jupiter was also quite strong in the ninth house in its Mool-Trikona sign. PM has not produced the desired results. It lagged the stock market averages for years. But when I studied the chart with zero Ayanamsha (Tropical Zodiac) the weaknesses of the chart showed up, which fully explains its performance. Now I study Tropical charts commonly used by Western astrologers, but interpret them with basic Parashari system. I have now redrawn and reinterpreted all the charts on this website.


Ascendant is Taurus now and its ruler Venus is exalted in eleventh house. It is very good. But the lord of the second house Mercury is fallen in the eleventh house. Third house has fallen Mars and ninth house has fallen Jupiter. So basically there are three fallen planets (including Mercury) in the chart. Close conjunction of Mercury and Venus and aspect of Raj-yoga-karak Saturn on them are good features.  The signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have no benefic influence, which is not good. Moon is good in the fourth house. Overall there are both good features and bad features in the chart. Therefore this is at best a mediocre chart. And that is what its performance has been.


August 2012

Facebook, FB

I will start with the astro-chart of Facebook, FB. Face book is a popular company, which became public on May 18, 2012. There were a lot of expectations from this stock, which did not materialize due to the discrepancies that occurred during the initial public offering. This can be easily seen from the fact that the IPO was done close to the solar eclipse (May 20).


The most striking feature of this chart is that it has exalted Saturn in the fifth house. It therefore influences both second and eleventh house, the houses of wealth and income. A strong Saturn in a chart of a company suggests that it would survive for a long time. The sign Gemini in the first house is generally a very favorable situation. It has a social planet Venus, which being in friendly sign and retrograde is quite strong. Venus is the dispositor of five planets in the chart, and thus providing them additional strength. Venus is Yogi-planet and it exchanges signs with Mercury. Mercury being in a friendly sign and in the vicinity of Jupiter is good. But the combustion of Jupiter in the twelfth house is not good. Moon is the lord of second house and occupies twelfth house. This also cannot be regarded a positive feature, but Moon is exalted, so it is not too bad. The placement of Mars, Rahu and Ketu in the central house reduces their malefic nature but does not make them benefic, because the influence of Venus on nodes and of Jupiter on Mars is too far. 

Overall, it can be termed as a long-term holding kind of stock, but one should expect occasional and may be severe drawdowns.

Next month I plan to write about Philip Morris.

Hindu Astrology Book

I am updating my book “A Practical Guide to Hindu Astrology” to use Tropical Signs instead of Sidereal. It can take a time of about one month to upload on Kindle. I will inform here as soon as it is ready.

Notable Stocks Now – September 2021

September 2021

Here is a relevant question from a Viewer that other viewers might have too. I thought others may like to know answer too.

Hi Raj

Could you explain something to me (and perhaps to all your subscribers?) something vexing…

On your web page, you marked Sept 19 – Oct 18 as bearish but for the monthly bitcoin forecast, you’re apparently using another calendar system (standard) where you marked September 2021 as bullish. Do these two dissimilar months half-overlap? Or is “September 2021” just a shorthand for “Sept 19 – Oct 18”?

Should I expect the S&P 500 to pull back during the second of half of September while bitcoin continues to rally?

Here is my answer:

The basis of the monthly solar return chart is the NYSE chart, and for bitcoin is the bitcoin-genesis chart. 

Using those charts I expect the month Sept 19 – Oct 18 could be bad, whereas the month of Sept 5-Oct 4 (using exact dates now instead of rounding up as September) could be good. It does not mean every day within these dates would be good or bad. So the answer to your question cannot be “yes”, but only “I don’t know”. However, it could be “yes” also if the money moves out of stocks into cryptos.


Notable Stocks – April 2021

The astrological point of view on the stocks which are in the news currently performing are discussed here.

TSLA -Tesla Inc (Mar 28, 2021)

People are very concerned about this stock, as it has moved strongly higher in 2020, and now correcting in 2021. It is highly overpriced, and some people think it can crash. I am going to write my long term astrological viewpoint about this stock today. Investors should use their own diligence to invest in this stock.

The stock gave a stellar profermance last year because the period of a strong Jupiter in Aries had just started. This was combined with the transit of strong Mars in Aries, which lasted for 7 months due to retrograde motion. Such coincidences are rare. It started corrected as soon as Mars moved to Taurus. Since the stock is still under the major-period of Jupiter, one cannot say that the stock will crash or go significantly down over the remaining period of Jupiter. Jupiter period started on 2/28/2020 and would last until 2/27/2030. Good sub-periods would last until 2/27/2028. But for sure the kind of move it has seen in 2020 is not going to happen again, although it will still be a good stock to own.

The action of transits is significant when strong planets conjunct the Maha-dasha and Antar-dasha planet. So whenever Mars and Sun comes back to Aries, the upside moves may be seen. Note that Sun comes to Aries on March 21 and leaves on April 21, every year. The stock may therefore recover now during this period in 2021. It may also do better during this month every year. The months of Mars coming to Aries are June-July 2022, May-June 2024, April-May 2026, and March-April 2028. One can expect good performance during these months.

Combining the effect of dashas and transits, I think the stock will do good for years to come, but one cannot expect it to double every year now. Using astrology I can only see the direction, or good or bad period. I cannot put numbers, i.e. I cannot say how far the stock prices can go up.

Disclaimer: These are my conclusions based on my knowledge of astrology. I do not guarantee that it will happen like that. I may be entirely wrong also. Please keep that in your mind, and make your own decision on investing in TSLA stock.

TSLA -Tesla Inc (Jan 24, 2021)

After my last upate on Tesla, the stock has been going up, up and up. I had warned about shorting this stock, because I was seeing good planetary configurations only. I have decided to give my astrological views again on this stock. I think, TSLA price may go slighly higher or remain flat in February, flat in March, and lower in April 2021. Let us see how this monthly study works out. I will then update it again in April.

TSLA -Tesla Inc (August 2020)

The stock of Tesla has been performing as if there is no upside limit. It was $330 on March 18. Today, August 21, it is about $2100. That is more than 6x in five months. I therefore decided to look at it closely and share with you as to ‘how can this happen’ and see if it is a time to short this stock. Well, my findings may surprise you. The configuration of planet is still favorable for this stock until next year. I cannot say how far this can go, but if somebody wants to short it, he should be extra, extra careful.

An update about Mallinckrodt (MNK):

This company has filed bankruptcy last week. I have mentioed earlier also – in comments section – that this stock is a total gamble now. It can go to ZERO in a few months. And there is a high probability of that. It may also go to $5 or $10 or even $20 in about 5-10 years. But there is only a small probability of that. If you are invested in it, leave it there if you are completely OK with losing your money. Otherwise sell to recover at least $1.50.

Other companies of 10 for 2020 like, AMZN, FB, WIX, ENPH and BIIB etc are doing good. This episode only shows the importance of diversification.