Learn Financial Astrology

If you are interested in learning financial astrology slowly, please contact me. I have written all the material in 2 sections. First section deals with basics of Hindu astrology and second section with financial astology. The two sections are fully expanded into a total of 20 chapters. I can send you these lessons one by one by e-mail. You learn at your speed asking questions and getting personal attention on the way. There will be a small fees attached to this correspondence-type of course.  You may request for first lesson, which is free. 

Here is the description of the lessons.

SECTION I – Basics of Astrology

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2 & 3: Signs

Lesson 4-5: Houses

Lesson 6-8: Planets

Lesson 9: Relationship between Planets

Lesson 10: Astronomical side of Astrology

Lesson 11: Strengths & weaknesses of Planets

Lesson 12: Timing System of Astrology & Powerful Combinations of Planets

Lesson 13: How to construct a chart

SECTION II – Investing in US Stock market

Lesson 14: Astrology-chart of a Company

Lesson 15: Selecting Right stocks for Investment

Lesson 16-17: Timing of Investment in Stocks

Lesson 18: Determining major trend in stock market

Lesson 19: Determining monthly and weekly trend in Stock Market

Lesson 20: Comments on ETF’s, Gold and Bitcoin,  Useful Technical Analysis 

Please note that, although Section II is written for US stock market, the principles can be applied to any market, Indian or British, etc.

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