Aug 31 – Sep 04, 2020

A few weeks ago, I changed the format of this page. Instead of giving daily predictions, I am now writing about the shorter periods of the week. The basis is the compressed-vimshottri-dasha (cvd) planet in the monthly Solar return chart (mSRC).

My prediction last week was  correct as SP500 gained nearly 100 points, as I was expecting a higher market. 

Here is  the expected breakdown of the week of  August 31, 2020 – September 04, 2020.

The cvd planet for the period August 30 – September 03 is Rahu. Rahu is placed in 6th house with no aspect from any benefic or malefic planet. This is not a good configuration, and could result in a lower market.  

The cvd planet for the period September 04 -September 08 is Jupiter. Jupiter rules 12th house, and is situated in the 1st house in the sign Capricorn. Jupiter gets the influence of  Venus in 7th house. This setup is good for the market and can result in the higher values for the indexes.

Overall this week the S&P 500 may go LOWER, because market may be down 4 days and up only 1 day.

The week after that may start with a higher day on September 08, 2020.

From August 22, 2016 I started to predict the (Monthly) movement of the prices of gold and oil. I will be giving my reasoning also, so that the interested viewers can provide their inputs and ideas.

During the MONTH of September 2020,

GOLD prices may go slightly lower. My reason for this is that during this month, the Sun will move into its the sign Virgo and Mars is already in Aries. The price of gold may therefore go slightly lower.

OIL prices may remain flat as Mercury moves into Libra. Here is opposed by Mars in Aries. This might not result in any significant change in the price of oil.

Note: This forecast is strictly based on astrological considerations. This is only for academic interest and not intended for trading.


2,298 thoughts on “Aug 31 – Sep 04, 2020”

  1. Greetings Dr. Raj,

    I hope you are well, and thank you for your continued guidance and analysis. As you have probably noticed, BTC has been chugging right along, hitting a new all time high on April 14 of approx 64,500. A widely popular TA indicator known as the “pi cycle cross” occurred, which has historically indicated a subsequent pull back (which occurred today, as it corrected to 52K). On the astrology side, I have read that a particularly disruptive full moon is taking place on April 26. Can you see this impacting the price further on the negative side before a potential rebound?

    Thank you!


    • Mike:
      I am not aware of pi cycle cross. In my analysis, the month of May could be down, but June and July could be up.
      Raj Chadha

  2. Hello raj sir, please comment on pltr.. when would it see good times did not go up with the market… and also irtc ( irhythm technologies) it fell big time.. any near term chance for irtc to do better.. appreciate your response..


    • Lakshmi:
      I just commented of PLTR. The planetary period suggest that good times may come next year. I would not sell at these levels. Maybe you should study its fundamentals to see if you can buy more.
      Raj Chadha

  3. What are your thoughts on Oracle? Looks like the stock has started moving in the last couple months. Do you see the momentum for the next couple years? Can the stock double to 150-160 levels?

    • Ramesh:
      The astrology chart of ORCL is somewhat similar to MSFT but it never performed as good as MSFT. I think now is the time. If you stick with it you won’t be disappointed.
      Raj Chadha

  4. Hi Raj,

    What do you think of farmland REIT stocks like LAND (Gladstone land Corp) and FPI (farmland partners inc), are they both good long term investments due to inflation and rising food prices? Thank you!

    • Audrey:
      I do not have any of stocks you mentioned in my database. Generally REITS are good for people who want a steady income, and do not care about the fluctuations in the price of their principle.
      Raj Chadha

  5. Dr Raj,
    It seems like the market is reaching high very rapidly to not even give good pullback to buy. How long will you think the market continues until it corrects atleast some to buy again as I feel like buying at the top. The steepness from March low 2020 seems very unusual. Can you also comment biden infrastructure bill probability and what it means to the market. Thanks a lot.

    • APM:
      I answered your question about BYND. PLTR also has a good chart. It may be voltile, but in my opinion should give good results.
      Raj Chadha


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